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By author Nath.
Heading: Hotter than Fire!
Like an angry Spartan warrior, he turned to the students. His eyes fierced dangerously like a sapent, walking closer to them and, at the same time, taking off the fabric round his neck. His footsteps was like a lion targeting its prey in a wild forest. Oh, the kids didn’t know what would become of them, seeing him in such uncharacteristic charisma especially Daniella who uttered the words. All seemed so scared like a fearful hunter encounter with the king of the forest not only in a close range but also in a lonely road, no where to escape! Teacher stopped before the person who’s voice he heard. His voice carried power like an amplifier; deep and sound.

“Daniella, what did you just say?” he asked her.

The girl went dumb, breathing hastily. One could see droplet of sweat on their foreheads.

“I’ll ask you one more time. What did you just tell me?” he repeated with the same dangerous tone.

Daniella swallowed hard. “I… I said we won’t embark on that mission if you don’t bring Ada…”

A slap from teacher Nwachukwu did not only send back the remaining words into her mouth but staggered her around like one under anointing. Tears began to flow from her eyes instantly.

“I picked you all from gutter to raise you to be smart not stupid!” Teacher’s voice could be heard by Stephen from the window.

“You picked us to use us!!” Daniella challenged again unabashedly.

Teacher glared at her without knowing what to say because those words broke his heart. His voice bacame higher and angrier.

“For all my life I’ve dedicated myself for this and I can’t allow someone as stupid as Ada to ruin it all!! You think I’m using you?! I do all i do because of all of you coz you’re the only family I have!!” he kept pointing fingers at the teenagers. From the tone of his voice, possibly, nearby animals in the forest had stood at a place wondering the cell that biologically formed such a man.

“A racer has a finishing line” he continued. “He keeps running until he gets to the line. What do you think he will do to a tree that blocks his way? He’ll pull it off and throw it behind him coz it’s an obstacle that wants to stop him! When you’re determined to do something in life, you don’t look back! You keep away distractions and obstacles! Ada has proven to be an obstacle and I can’t go back to her coz going back is failure, period!!” Teacher began to walk inside angrily.

All the kids had started shedding tears already especially Cynthia without taking a step forward into the house. Their shopping belongings could be seen on the cemented floor of the basketball court, even Ada’s. They were surprise to hear teacher’s voice, coming back again.

“Do you even realize that if Ada’s face is seen by the police, it will automatically disqualify her from this mission?” He glared at Cynthia. “I’m asking you?! You that collected a ticket for her!”

The girl bent down her face shamefully. Therefore her tears started dripping on the ground.

Teacher was disappointed by her stupidity, so he spread his hand. “You see how dumb and stupid you are? You can’t reason with your brain.” he walked inside finally.

The kids sluggishly carried their bags to the house. They could hear the guards dragging Stephen upstairs. They locked him up inside the void room.

However, the pilot of the helicopter hadn’t taken off coz he was invited by teacher for a dinner.

The kids met in one room, the boys’ room precisely. None sat down. They were only looking at one another. Obi faced a window thinking about Ada, her quarrel-mate. But the truth of the matter is that Obi was gradually falling for her.

“You all know that we can’t leave Ada there.” Daniella broke the silence. “She’s going to suffer a lot especially if caught by the police. We must do something.” she concluded.

Obi turned from the window. “I have an idea.”

They anxiously looked at him to proceed.

“Teacher is a genius. We can rescue Ada using the little he has taught us.” he said.

“You mean love?” Murphy frowned.

“Yes, but another aspect of it.” he paused then continued like teacher himself. “We saved lives today at the gate of that building, even though it was planned by teacher. That is like giving a gift to those securities, the man that gave us the tickets and every other person that saw us. Hence we’re heroes to them.”

“So what’s the point?” Dave asked.

“The point is a decimal point” Obi smiled at his own words, closing his two fingers as if grabbing a mustard seed. “Cynthia has already told the man that she has a sister. So is just for her to get back to the man and explain to him that her sister has been captured by the police if actually she has, and boom!” Obi flipped his fingers. “The man will take care of the rest because we have already bribed him legally and brainwashed him with the gift of life and love we showed at the gate.” he began to smile broadly. He could see others smiling too.

Judith couldn’t hold the joy within her, so she hugged Obi tightly. “You’re a genius too” she said on his shoulder.

“A boy cannot be greater than his master. Teacher still has the cap” He patted her back.

“But how can Cynthia get back to the city?” Murphy asked.

Obi opened the window curtain widely. “I think I can fly that thing before the pilot comes out with angry teacher” he pointed at the helicopter….
Ada, who was standing with Stephanie couldn’t believe that the limousine drove off without her. She wore a jean trouser, polo and canvas.

“Why did they leave you behind?” Stephenie asked her.

“Coz I didn’t come with them. They were just giving me a lift.” she replied, gently rubbing one of her arms as if feeling cold.

“How did you get my number?” Stephanie asked her.

“I picked the paper on the floor of the boutique. So… So I said let me try it and see who has it.”

“Is that why you also thought I’m Stephen’s sister. How did you come about that? How did you even know him?”

“Aaah..” she was interrupted by police siren that just arrived. Stephanie had called them before then. Sheriff Margaret came out with her men. Ada kept staring at Stephenie as she was handcuffed.

“Young girl, follow us to the station for interrogation.” Magi said.
Hours of interrogation, Ada said nothing to Magi inside the interrogative room. She placed her hand on a metal table before her while Magi sat opposite her.

“Who are your parents?” She asked again.

Ada kept mute staring at her.

“Where did you first meet Stephen?”

No response.

“Do you have any relative?”


Magi got tired to stand up but a door opened. A man entered with Cynthia and Obi. When Ada saw them, her joy began to floor like a river in her heart. They could only change eye contact as the man and Magi was discussing. After the discussion, sheriff said to Cynthia, “You said she’s your sister?”

“Yes, ma’am.” he replied.

“And i’m her brother” Obi added.

“Alright, I’ll take you back to your parents” Magi volunteered.

“No oh, we can find our way home.” Cynthia objected.

“No, I personally wants to see your parents.” Sheriff insisted. That was another problem.

Ada was released. Three of them entered into a police car with Sheriff. Ada seated at the front seat while Obi and Cynthia occupied the back seat. Though the car had an air conditioner but the kids were hotter than fire.

“Where is our destination?” Sheriff asked then ignite the car….


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