Talenti Chocolate Pretzel Gelato Layers

[New for 2021] Everybody remembers that I like pretzels proper? I spent the
first couple many years of my life consuming huge portions of them. I could also be right down to a handful every single day or two, however I nonetheless assume very extremely of them. Let’s examine if Talenti can do them justice right here.

Talenti Chocolate Pretzel Gelato

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salted pretzel sauce, vanilla gelato, chocolate flakes

A seal? That is new.

Facet observe: have you ever seen that Talenti containers are greenish now?

I admit it, I did not learn what the totally different layers have been earlier than opening the
container, so I used to be very shocked to see this pretzel gelato…. nicely, I ought to say fortunately shocked!

I take a chew and assume “wow, this may be actually good!”. I take one other chew
and notice that I’m already smitten with this taste. It has been awhile since
somebody did pretzels justice and the swirl right here is form of scrumptious,
particularly when paired with that little bit of pretzel increase from the highest layer of
pretzel gelato. Boy this one is enjoyable.

Now, granted, I am not getting an excellent ton of cone bits or chocolate bits on my
spoon, however the total salty pretzel taste popping out of right here is simply spot
on. It is places Breyer’s current pretzel taste to disgrace. This is not an air of
pretzel or a even a soggy pretzel vibe, it is a true pretzel taste and I’m
an enormous fan.

I do know typically the gelato texture could be a bit mild in these layered pints, however
between the seal on prime and the textured swirl, it’s not a difficulty right here.

Rather well finished job Talenti. I hope this one catches on with extra than simply
us pretzel followers.

On Second Scoop: I actually dig this one and I’ve purchased one other
pint earlier than I even completed this pint. Sure, it is that scrumptious. The salty
pretzel swirl has a little bit of wealthy cookie dough vibe to it. They’ve actually
labored some magic right here. Wonderful job Talenti.

Yet another observe: I need to stress that it is a pretzel taste, not only a salty taste. Sure, it is eight% sodium per serving, however Netflix n Chill’d was 14% per serving. That is an enormous distinction!

Verdict?  EXCELLENT!
Purchase Once more?  already did!

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