July 29, 2021

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So Because You Met Amadi In An Eatery, Eating Oha Soup, You Decided To…

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  1. So because u met Amadi in an eatery, eating Oha soup, you decided to save his number with *Amadioha*
    Sister y?


  2. Immediately u start saving small
    You will get a call from the village that your Grandmother has swallowed CUTLASS
    Village pipu why??
  3. E go better;
    E go better!
    Na e make camel still dey carry load
    ABEG make I run
  4. Your Bathing Soap is 5k. Pls what are you washing??
    Sin of your forefathers?
    Gimme B29 mey I bafu jare ..
  5. I told you someone is related to me and you are asking if its by blood… No, its by yoghurt
  6. Somebody dashed you money and you’re counting it in front of him. Is it that the money is not complete or your sense is paining you?*
  7. Some people take this breakup thing too serious
    Imagine starving yourself to death, bcoz of a breakup
    Me, I will just hang myself and die…..


  8. . After I escaped xenophobia in south Africa, my south African girlfriend
    called me today to come back that everything is okay.
  9. . I can’t wait to get marry so that I can be stealing meat from the pot and my wife will blaming it on the children …
  10. .i thought I hv seen it all not untill I watch one Nigeria film last night and I saw a ghost running from dog
    Nigeria film can make u loose weight…
  11. Some poor men will b harassing their wives for not giving birth to a male child . Wat will the male child inherit? Mtchew…
  12. . A woman once declared i want a man that won’t leave me, won’t beat me & that is good in bed * One day she heard a knock at her door wen she opened she saw a man with no hands and no legs at the door The woman was shocked and asked him wat he wanted The guy said beautiful lady i wanna marry u *i don’t have hands so i can’t beat u , i don’t hv legs so I can’t leave u *
    *The woman then asked what about the third one , u can’t be good in bed
    *The guy replied: what do u think i used to Knock??..
  13. Seek first her account number and her phone number will be added unto you
    Book of Romantic 19:2…
  14. . Big boy is not when you manage buy iPhone x mass and behave rude to your elders. Big boy is when your girlfriend ask you for money and you give her your ATM with the password and tell her to withdraw any amount.
    Ladies am i making Sense?
    Any girl that thinks am making SENSE. Hmm Electric Pole FALL on U.
    Make una no vex na play I dey play..
  15. welcome to Nigeria where a lady dates Peter,get impregnate by John, Samuel pays the damage, Lucas rises the baby and Vincent marries her..
  16. . #DID_YOU_KNOW ??…
    A football match is made of two teams
    , each team with 11 players . The game consist of 22 male players . Each male has two balls . Which make it 44 balls on the field . 44 balls + 1 ball they’re playing = 45 balls.
    This is how 45 minutes Rule was created.
    This wisdom! Gonna murder me..
  17. Nothing gives a lady joy than getting home removing her wig , high heels , bra , girdle , yansh pad , tummy trimmer , make-up …..Omo see fresh air..Make I run b4 someone Stone me..


  18. .. That moment wen u sit beside ur mum in church and pastor na say” I want 4 virgins to come forward to the Alter.. ur mum started looking at u, not knowing u have exchange ur virginity for shawama and Hollandia milk .
  19. In AFRICA once ur phone rings in the church , everybody will start looking
    at u as if Satan is d one calling u.
  20. .. #FREE_ADVICE_ON
    A. Give him space
    B. Communicate and trust him
    C. Love him with everything
    D. Do not cheat on him
    E. Don’t ask for too much
    F. Don’t look through his phone because it’s private..
    A. Give her money!
    B. I said give her money!!
    C. Don’t forget to give her money!!
    D. You must give her money!!!
    E. No question, my brother just give her money.
  21. The problem with Nigerians is that they read your jokes and laugh but hardly comment
    That’s why the centre of their ANUS remains BLACK!

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