June 19, 2021

Naija Sweet


Should I Leave Her?

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I love this girl like kilode, we started dating late last year and i am sure she loved me because she was all over me,if she sees any lady with me she will become jealous and will be angry, but we loved each other madly and she helped me in many ways,emotionally,spiritually and mentally.

Now, the problem started early this year, i had to relocate due to a job and my girl was crying that i should not go because she was scared i could date another girl and forget her,she cried and i pitied her but i had no choice than leave because i am a man with bills to sort.

We do call eachother nd make video calls, she sent me a gift on my bday through waybill.
We had issue on june which lead to cut in communication, i called her dix morning to wish her HNM,but her response was down, like someone disinterested or like i was disturbing her, i asked her why she was snubbing me but she said nothing,then i ask her if she love me but she cut the call!!

Should i dump her?

NB:i disvirgined dix gal and i think she’s not wayward

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