June 14, 2021

Naija Sweet


Should I Deflower Her?

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Guys I have this 18yrs old girl who I intend to marry as soon as I’m settled and she’s done with her secondary school. She’s currently not in school yet.We love each other so much,she’s perfect for me and I swear I wanna marry her.We are compatible on almost all facets of life.Though we have our differences but we balance eachother’s negative traits perfectly and hers are traits I’m sure I can endure and keep up with.

Now the problem is that she is a virgin and I initially agreed to wait till when we get married,maybe 4-5yrs from now before I deflower her.But this girl is so so beautiful and perfect physically.She’s a goddess of beauty and as expected she gets so many male attention.I got scared she may fall in love with someone else(I’m a realist),especially if and when she gets admission,so I talked to her about it and she agreed to give me her virginity tomorrow when she comes to my house.The thing is,as much as I want to deflower her,I still wouldn’t want our sexual life to start now.I want it to start when I’ve officially engaged her and met her parents but I may lose out and end up not being her first.

What should I do when she comes tomorrow?
Advise me please.

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