June 19, 2021

Naija Sweet


She Said I Gave Up Too Quick

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My fellow gentle menh how far. it’s like am not the only one in this matter arising. just entered twitter this morning and met a south African lady posted same thing about guys not putting more effort in chasing ladies these days. is it same in ur area. what is the cause of these things. is it that we are tired of toasting or now more prudent worth our spending? i was liking a lady and chatted her up but she was acting indifferent to my request so after a week of chat i just forgot about her and decided to let her be. just last week after about two months she chatted me up to say i forgot about her and stuffs like i gave up too quick. she was giving me.green lights to continue with the previous talk but i was not interested anymore .i have had more similar cases of recent of ladies coming back to say u forgot about them. and wanting u to pick up the old convo.
does it happen to you too gentlemen.

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