June 14, 2021

Naija Sweet


Please What Should I Do

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Please ur positive contributions is needed here. What advice do u give to this guy.

me: whats the issue?
guy: bro my fiancee has changed totally. She is pretty, PhD holder and doctor @ FMC OWERRI. I was carried away by her beauty, qualification and job that i forgot to test her for other basic attributes of an ideal wife material. She isnt from wealthy home but craves dangerously and stubbornly to be given such luxury.

She is now so unsubmissive, never caring…its over 4 months she has not called (though she flashed one day) nor visited to check on me knowing i was ill. She is just showing qualities of a psycopath. Never admits she is wrong and never apologises. Disrespectfully and arrongantly flaunts my instructions,decisions and opinions. And would always say its better we call off but if i leave her for sometime, she would begin flashing/calling.

Correcting her never worked. I still love her.what do i do.

me; ……) hmmm, pls what do u think he should do.

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