June 14, 2021

Naija Sweet


My Undergraduate Friend Has Gotten Someone Pregnant

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Yesterday a friend of mine called me and said he has impregnated someone and her family said he must marry her. I was so shocked as I knew he was a very decent and God-fearing guy so I asked him what happened.

He told me that the girl has been coming to his house for him to teach her physics and each time she would stylishly be touching him but he always cautioned her that is until 8 weeks ago .

She came to his home as usual but he was watching a romantic movie as all other channels were not working. After the film she noticed he was a little bit erected so she seduced him he tried to run but she held him back and kissed him but he still resisted but since no one was home he couldn’t resist for long so eventually she succeeded and they slept together.

After 6 weeks she called him and told him she had missed her period and had decided to do a pregnancy test soon.

After the test the doctor had confirmed she was six weeks pregnant and she decided to come clean to her parents. Now they are insisting that he must marry her. What do you think he should do.

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