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​In August of 2016 Muse Gelato teamed up with The Orlando Brewing, The Central Florida Resort and Lodging Affiliation, and the Meals and Beverage Council to boost cash for The No Child Hungry marketing campaign.

The No Child Hungry marketing campaign is a nationwide group and energy to finish childhood starvation in America. Muse Gelato is a big supporter of this group and we expect you need to test it out too! (Right here is the hyperlink They actually do some nice work with the assistance of the Central Florida neighborhood.

For this explicit occasion Muse Gelato created a Bourbon Butterscotch Gelato. We all know cocktails trigger creativity and inspiration, and that’s what we’re are right here to do! However again to the bourbon butterscotch, so now think about this daring but candy creamy taste that pairs completely with only a spoon, obtained the chance to lusciously bathtub in a pint glass of Orlando Brewing Brown Ale.  Now for these of you that haven’t had Orlando Brewing’s Brown Ale, we’re sincerely sorry, and extremely encourage you to pop by this welcoming yard meets brewery location within the coronary heart of Central Florida. You can be glad you probably did. You too can ask one of many 1,000 people that had the possibility to expertise this marvel, and they’re going to inform you that the gelato-beer float was a sensational mixture and a house run hit.  Muse Gelato was so honored in taking part on this occasion, and we hope that collectively we are able to finish childhood starvation.


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