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Mochi ice cream is a fairly younger frozen invention! Fortunately for us, wrapping tasty Japanese rice dough round ice cream could be very simple to do at house too: pay money for the right candy rice flour and your micro-wave will repair the dough for you in much less time than it takes to whistle the theme tune from Totoro! (for ice cream, you should use any ice cream you will have at hand, and also you gained’t even want very a lot!)


Mochi ice cream – even when the home-made type could lack among the “industrial perfection” of commerical ones, it nonetheless each seems to be and tastes scrumptious!


Of mochi daifaku, legends and mochi ice cream

Mochi daifaku is a traditional (non-frozen) Japanese dessert: a rice-dough bun normally full of purple bean paste or different attractive issues. Sure, the dough relies on rice (the candy glutinous type additionally used for sushi). And guess what? – Japan truly has its personal particular Shinto God of rice, Inari Ōkami: an usually reasonably androgyne kami steadily depicted along with their particular animal, the white fox.

Inari, the kami of rice (in addition to of many different issues, like tea, fertility and worldly success) assembly a warrior. One might surprise if the image goals as an example a theme of “rice being mightier than the sword”. Nonetheless, Inari can be the patron kami of blacksmiths and warriors, so I doubt it  😉

So what about mochi ice cream? No historic historical past in any respect, truly – it was first within the 1990’s that the Japanese-American businesswoman Frances Hashimoto determined to observe up on her husband Joel’s fusion thought and created what quickly grew to become some of the enduring and profitable “novelty frozen” desserts in many years.

Closed and dusted, able to agency up within the freezer!


Why has mochi ice cream change into so standard? Effectively, past the plain undeniable fact that they style good, some market-savvy individuals declare that mochis are good snacks for “millennials who’re searching for one thing completely different”, since mochis are “bizarre” (in a great way), handheld, moveable and provide each “portion management” and indulgence on the similar time.

For the ice cream filling, you possibly can mainly use any ice lotions. Because you gained’t want a lot to fill a mochi, you gained’t want a lot of it both (relying on the scale of your mochis, I’d say one ball takes about lower than a half scope): good for clearing out small quantities of ice cream you will have in your freezer! Personally, I used what I had left of a trio of ice lotions: Belgian vanilla, vegan mochaccino … and a tasty plum sorbet (the latter a bit troublesome because it was extra liable to soften than the others).

Can you utilize any rice flour for the dough? The quick reply is “no” (observe the hyperlink to learn extra concerning the variations).   


How you can make them – or “2-Three minutes within the micro wave repair the dough”

Be sure you get the correct kind of rice flour – the one you want is the candy, glutenous kind product of sushi rice

Sure, making the mochi dough is extremely simple: combine the rice flour with water and sugar in bowl, and after 2-Three minutes in your micro wave oven you’ll have the dough! 

If you’d like colors, simply add just a few drops of your most well-liked meals colouring to the preliminary combine!



The purple dough after a few minute in my micro wave oven (a 750 W-one). The precise time you’ll want will rely upon the energy of your oven.


Virtually there! The yellow dough is sticky and has a nice shiny look!


Some recommend utilizing use corn starch for the dusting however I believe extra flavour-neutral starch like tapioca or potato starch is perhaps a better option. Or maybe use a few of that rice flour you will have left!

The dough shall be sticky and fairly scorching to deal with so ensure you have a well-dusted place to place it (and dirt your individual arms and instruments too, to deal with the stickiness).

The following step is just to flatten the dough – use your arms, a rolling pin or no matter works for you. An acceptable thickness to purpose for would in all probability be about Three mm (too skinny and the dough will danger bursting once you do the wrapping). Then minimize out circles of dough, massive sufficient to wrap up your ice cream!

Another methodology – used for making “regular” Daifaku buns – could be to easily choose up some nonetheless heat dough and type a ball in your hand, gap it out, add the ice cream and shut. This methodology, which works nicely with room tempered substances like purple bean paste, could nonetheless be way more troublesome with ice cream: the nice and cozy dough will trigger undesirable melting which may make issues fairly messy.

Use a cookie cutter, or flip a glass the wrong way up, or  … crucial factor is that you simply make the circles massive sufficient to host the ice cream!


Since a heat dough shortly will begin to soften your ice cream, let it settle down and presumably spend about 20-30 minutes within the fridge earlier than you do the precise wrapping.

A good suggestion can be to solely work with one mochi at a time – and solely take out as a lot ice cream as you want for the one you’re engaged on: melting might in any other case be an issue even you probably have let the dough cool downn..












Work shortly, and make sure that the mochi has been correctly “closed”!









Dusted and carried out! Time to place the mochi within the freezer to agency up an hour or extra!


In case your mochis don’t find yourself as completely spherical and evenly shaped as business ones – don’t be too exhausting on your self!

Mine have been actually no aesthetic wonders, however they nonetheless tasted good! And as everyone knows, observe makes good – nothing stops you from aiming for enhancements!

For finest and rounder outcomes – wrap and twist the mochi tightly inside slightly plastic movie earlier than you set it within the freezer to agency up!


Mm … mm … Mochi!

Mmm … the contrasting mix of the dough-wrap and the ice cream core is just scrumptious!


Whereas I fortunately admit that it’s attainable to make extra handsome mochis than mine, their style was precisely pretty much as good because it ought to! The tender rice dough wrapping goes extremely nicely along with ice cream: it has a nice, very refined and non-intrusive flavour of its personal and its chewy texture gives a tasty distinction to any ice cream put inside. This “packaging” additionally makes the mochi a self-standing, pre-sized dessert portion: one thing which will be helpful each once you need to entertain others and once you need to indulge your self however nonetheless be aware concerning the energy. Because the mochis don’t require a lot ice cream to fill, they’re additionally fairly budget-friendly and ideal nice for any small portions of left-over ice cream you will have you should use no matter you will have at house.  

Go forward and make some – I do know you need to!


The Mochachino Mochi ice lotions have been additionally nice!


Mochi ice cream



  • 120 ml (half cup) candy glutenous rice flour
  • 180 ml (Three/four cup) sugar
  • 180 ml (Three/four cup) water
  • Optionally available: meals colouring of your liking
  • For dusting: about 120 ml (half cup) or so of potato flour, tapioca starch, rice flour or related
  • Filling: Just a few (half-)scopes of your favorite ice cream(s)
  1. Put the rice flour in a micro-wave protected bowl and blend nicely with water.
  2. Add the sugar and – if utilizing – meals colouring. Combine nicely.
  3. Cowl (ideally) the bowl with a plastic movie with a few holes in, and put in your micro wave oven.
  4. Micro-wave for about 1 minute, stir the dough, then micro-wave for about one other minute.
  5. Work the dough slightly and micro-wave some extra till prepared (presumably plus 2 x 30 seconds however would rely in your micro-wave; test in between – the dough must be sticky however formable, and the color must be a bit shiny and verge in the direction of the pale).
  6. Mud a plate along with your most well-liked (taste-less) starch and place the dough there. Mud the sticky dough for simpler dealing with and let settle down slightly.
  7. When nonetheless heat however cool sufficient to deal with, flatten the dough with a rolling pin (mud the pin earlier than utilizing!) or along with your arms (mud them too!).
  8. Let the flattened dough settle down additional, say for about 20-30 minutes in your fridge.
  9. Take out and make circles with an acceptable glass or cookie cutter: bear in mind to make the circles sufficiently big to host the ice cream content material and nonetheless be attainable to shut!
  10. Place about half a scope or much less of ice cream on certainly one of your dough circles and shut them.
  11. To make sure a greater form whereas freezing, wrap the mochi tightly in some plastic movie (and put them within the freezer).

To restrict the danger of the ice cream beginning to soften when you put together the mochi, solely take out as a lot ice cream as you want for one mochi: make that mochi and put it within the freezer earlier than you progress on to make the following one!


PS. When you really feel for a much less chilly dessert, you possibly can keep conventional and fill the mochi dough with different good, candy issues than ice cream too! Candy purple bean paste is a tried and examined favorite filling …




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