June 14, 2021

Naija Sweet


Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry?

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Please I need your advice.
I broke up with my boyfriend 11 months ago, but I’m still hurting and d thought that I may have lost my Mr right keeps taunting me.

After nysc, I got a job offer in Abuja, since my boyfriend resides there, I seized the opportunity to be with him even for just a week, before I move to my sister’s house.

But after 3days of my stay, he asked me to leave for my sister’s place as he was expecting his brothers for a meeting which I suspected was a lie, I felt he saw me as an inconvenience. I was pissed n things ended.

I felt he is never or hardly there for me. Doesn’t support me with little things like money for hair, etc even though I’m not one to ask. We hardly go out due to the nature of his job plus I am not the outing type. And hardly keeps up his promise especially one that has to do with money.

In the two years we dated, I’m not sure he subscribed for me up to 3 times if at all he did. But in everything I loved him and I feel he does too and tries to express it in the way he can. Until he asked me to leave and I ended things based on the assumption that he was cheating and doesn’t care about me.

The problem now is what if I misjudged him, what if I wasn’t patient enough, what if I just lost a good man. Please help cause i’m still deeply in love with him and can’t seem to move on.
What should I do?

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