June 14, 2021

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Is My Sister Doing The Right Thing? Please Your Advice Is Needed

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Don’t mind my typo errors.
My sister cancel her wedding plans all because her husband to~be insists they are going to be living with his mum after the wedding before they will build their own house.

Now,my sister said she won’t go on with the wedding plans if he didn’t rent an appartment,even if it’s face-me-i-slap-you room,she will be okay with it,she won’t even mind if the mother come to spend days with them.

Is my sister doing the right thing?

1 thought on “Is My Sister Doing The Right Thing? Please Your Advice Is Needed

  1. It depends on a lot of things. Man and woman should leave their parents house to live together as husband and wife. Anything other than that for a start is a bad foundation.
    The way I’m seeing it, the guy is a mummy’s boy, as such won’t want to leave his mums side, otherwise the best thing to do is to first of all use the funds for the wedding to get himself accommodation before the wedding proper.
    She should try and convince him that nothing comes out of a married guy living in his mother’s house with his wife, if the mother comes to visit him every once in a while that’s manageable but outrightly sharing the same roof is a recipe for disaster. Meanwhile suspension of the wedding while they talk things over is better than outrightly cancelling it.

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