June 19, 2021

Naija Sweet


Is My Girlfriend Being Deceitful Or Not? – Please Advise

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My girl told me she missed her period. Days later, one morning, I got a lab result and test strip positive pic on Whatsapp, a text mssg and 3 missed calls. I then chatted her up.She was like she wasn’t ready and would like to abort it.

I told her I am ok with the decision. She said it was 20k and 5k for some drugs. she would like to do the procedure just yesterday Monday. So before the D-day, she has been telling me how remorseful she is. When should she expect the alert.

Unknown to her, I did an image search of the test strip photo she sent to me. I found the photo on Google. I then proceeded to enquire from my guy who is close to her friend if there is anything like that.

As she said that She and that her friend went to the lab together and would go to the clinic on the D-day. The friend confirmed to my guy. There was no test result she knew of. I decided to play along.

On the D-day. She was asking why haven’t I still sent the money. She and her friend wants to go.I told her she should tell me the truth.But she got angry if it was because of the money.

I then sent her the Google photo and all proof about the games I knew she was playing. She was doubfounded. I asked her why she did all that.

She took long. Then started begging. That she was scared that she has not seen her period, but she has been doing strip test. It was all negative. Although she took postinor 2 a particular time. So she doesn’t know if that’s the cause. She would have used the money for scan and massage and to know what to take. She has been begging since.

So what do you guys think. My trust for her has decreased. For a girl to be this deceitful and feel like she can play scam so well.I don’t know if she is still lying because I am in another state for work right now.

Should I just forgive her and still give her the complete money or I should reconsider my relationship status with her. Although I have sent her 5k to do a blood test again today.

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