June 14, 2021

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Imagine If God Says That Our Offering Money Would Be Our Feeding Money In Heaven

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  1. Imagine if God says that our offering money would be our feeding money in heaven, I swear na ulcer go kill some people for heaven…
  2. If your child has a bad handwriting, Congratulations! You have given birth to a medical doctor
  3. They asked you to join choir in church and you said you don’t have voice, the one you use to moan during sex nko??? Your koboko in hell fire is soaked in petrol
  4. Judge: Silence in court. The next person that laughs will be thrown out of court.
    Accused: Hahahahahahahaha!
    Judge: Mr Man, I am not talking to you
  5. How I wish people can be taken close to lights as we do to money to know who is fake and who is genuine
  6. Ordinary injection, you dey fear, but if it is 9 inches dick, you will burst into laughter….
    Sister, you have generational problem
  7. You are a Christian but you only love men with cars! My sister, were you baptized with petrol???
  8. Buy iPhone 11 for an Hausa girl. She will sell it and buy 2 cows
  9. Welcome to Nigeria . A country where you will see fish inside meat pie
  10. Some girls will be like, :I need a guy who can die for me… My sister, but Jesus done so already now, what else do you want????
  11. Welcome to Nigeria . A country where people will attend a naming ceremony, eat and drink and leave the place without knowing the name of the child
  12. “I can’t date a guy that does not have a car”, says a lady who baths with soap till it becomes the size of a memory card.
  13. I will not watch WWE wrestling again. Imagine two men wearing only pants fighting for belt??

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