June 14, 2021

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I’m Coming To See You, Honey

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ME : I’m coming to see you honey.

Girl : Alright baby.

ME : I love you, I can’t wait to see you….I’m getting ready to leave now.

GIRL : Okay but honey, I’m on my period, just letting you know incase.

ME : My car just broke down, I can’t come and see you.

GIRL : Get your friend to bring you, like he always does.

ME : He got shot by armed robbers so I can’t come, I’m sorry.

GIRL : Oh never mind, I’m not on my period. The colour of my pant was reflecting

ME : My friend has just been discharged from hospital and he has said he’s okay, he’s fine and he will take me now. I’m coming sweetheart.

GIRL : sh*t! I’m really on my period, just did not notice.

ME : Damn! He has been shot again. I can’t come!!!!

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