June 19, 2021

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If You Introduced Me To Your Parents And Later Dump Me

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1)If you introduced me to your parents and later dump me, I will continue coming to your house, I can’t leave your parents because of you *

2)Oh God, the smell you gave to Goats
, some of your sons have Stolen it

3)some of us, our girlfriends will never
post our pictures even if we get missing. *

4)I was in a taxi and there was this weird looking muscular guy at the back seat with 2 other guys. His phone rings and he answered, ‘boss, I’m in a taxi with him now, I will shoot him when he gets off’*
We’ve been in the taxi for 2 days now and no one wants to get off

5)We UGLY Guys Don’t Usually Change Our Profile Pictures *
Because We Know How We Suffered To Look Handsome in The Previous Photo !!

6)Are you going to ask me to be your val or should I call your name three times and break the egg like baba told me to

7) If her armpits are hairly let her sleep outside since she want to be a wild Animal

8) Some girls will Zoom your picture just to see if you have money in your pockets before replying your message….
Dem dey around anaa

9) Girls, best way to punish your boyfriend is to reject his “Money”.
I swear it is very Painful.
Boys am i communicating ??

10) I don’t give my number to strangers but you can give your account number to strangers, thief.

11) Nothing hurts more than buying a new Exercise book and getting zero on the first page

12) So The Situation Where Fine And Rich Girls Fall In Love With Ugly Broke Boys Nu, Does It Only Happens In Movies?
Because I Meet All The Requirement. I’m Broke And Very Ugly But Still Naa!!
Why !!!

13) On judgement day if God counts masturbation as abortion, you will realise most of you guys have done more abortions than ladies

14)At 30 you are single and still
Fixing eye lashes…Dear remove it
So that you can see your
Future husband

15) Some girls has flat tummy, not because they went for gym, but it’s due to the weight of their sugar daddies

16)To Hell with Your Money & Cars.. I Love My Boyfriend ”*
The last girl that said this died since 1953..

17)Please, Valentine is for girls between 17 to 25 years of age….. If you are below 17, wait for Children’s day and if you are above 25, wait for Mother’s day.*

18)Whoever sold calculator to my
grandmother and told her it’s an iPhone
your day’s are numbered ooo

19) Valentine’s day has been cancelled due to high level of single girls

20)Seeing people walk out of my life is very painful…… *
I want them to run

21) Cristiano Ronaldo Gets A ₦318m Mercedes BRABUS As Birthday Gift From His Girlfriend
I hope Nigerian Girls are Seeing this
You ladies should surprise us this Valentine you Won’t die

22)We go spoil people’s relationship on vals day you post ur bae and my reply ll be like are u also dating her *

23) This valentine will be madoo , baby will block baby to post another baby,

24) Please stop spreading rumours
me and cardi b are not dating, we are just friend biko

25) I want to marry a woman that will come home and caught me with another woman on bed and say
” baby you are enjoying o”

26) I will do valentine for only those who are Virgins in this place, if you are a Virgin kindly say hi and if you are not keep muted we know what you are already if you don’t say a word

27) I sent her 30k to pay a visit, now she texted me she had a fatal accident and nobody survived

28) Do you have my number or you don’t talk to celebrities

29) Hug him let him feel ur boobs
gently push him on the bed kiss him
move ur hands all over his body
remove his shirt kiss all over his chest
Remove his short let him feel the warmth of ur skin kiss his neck then whisper in his ears,premarital sex is a sin so we can’t

30) I want my marriage to be as strong as those couple on CABIN biscuits, they have been smiling since my childhood all I want

31) Your girlfriend lost her parent and she is sitting on your laps crying and your dick is rising
Bro you are surely heartless

32) School na scam, school na scam! Just to fill bank teller u dey sweat. You’re busy writing “Eleventeen thousand one hundred and onety one” till 5:pm abeg comot bank won close

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