June 14, 2021

Naija Sweet


I Wish I Never Met Her

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There is this girl, we dated for one and half years before the major break up (not officially), the fault was from me due to insecurity, ego and i had other side chicks then. After 3 months, we bumped into each other, i tried to made up but she told me she is seeing someone else.

All this while i never knew i really loved her not untill we broke up. Now we have been seeing each other lately, she does anything a normal girlfriend would do, she would even inconvenience herself to make sure she satisfy me whenever i demand something from her (not sex).

Now old feeling have resucitated fully, we cant do without seeing each other nor talking to each other for a day. But whenever i asked her to come back to me fully she usually tells me she cant leave her boyfriend cos he havent offend her to to justify breaking up with him. But she told me she doesnt love him And i know too. cos i do check her phone, the communication between them is nothing to right home about, the guy doesnt appear in her chat list nor call history like me. I see this as having integrity

I really love this girl and i am very sure she loves me too (100percent), we are so connected naturally but the issue is this bf. If not i would have engage her cos she is a wife material. She does things for me she wouldn’t do for her bf. I have asked her several times to choose i will be fine with whoever she chooses, she wept and told me point blank i shouldnt leave her again. She told me after i ceased communication with her in 3months then she was broken and now very scared what if i hurt her again. I told her i will seal things up if she dump the other guy for me. Now we are still in this issue 7month has passed.

All girls have been coming across it is either i dont develop any atom of feelings for them or we dont just connect, some of them like me very much but i love this girl more than any girl i have ever met.

Guys should i leave her again or just continue with her like this till her relationship die naturally with the other guy. Since shes doing a girlfriend role already?

Mature response please.
Bashing is allowed too.
Thanks as you bail me out of this one.

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