June 14, 2021

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JOKE: I Will Never Join A Group With Any Of My Neighbor Again, How Can U Ask Me If I ……….

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1. I will Never join A group with any of My Neighbor Again, How Can U Ask Me If I Have Returned Your Broom On group chat

2. Nigerian movie will be like Ijeoma, this one you came to my house early this morning crying, hope all is well?..
I will be like, all is well. She just came to your house because your house is hosting a crying competition

3. Wife ; hello my darling , sweetheart, blessed husband
Husband: Cynthia that money in d drawer is for my office

4. Those people that are screaming ‘legends are born in August’ should remember Bobrisky is also born in August

America – 911
Scotland – 453
China – 119
England – 999
Nigeria – Obara Jesus!!
The best my beloved country

6. When a Nigerian girl who have frustrated you enough noticed your now living fine without them, voom! They’ll start texting you Runaway boo

7. In warri if you see anybody with torn cloth holding briefcase Just know money have miss # Wisdom

8. If you want your husband to be with you in the kitchen, borrow his phone to use for touch, he will stand there until you finish cooking

9. Public announcement
If you’re thinking of committing suicide just borrow money from the bank with your name, Give me the money
May your soul rest in perfect peace

10. I thought COVID-19 was a scam until I
switched on my Nokia phone and the two hands refused to shake

11. All sins can be forgiven but taking money from your gf to pay your fiancee bride price
Bro I see madness

12. Your mom is using rubber to hold her phone and you’re planning to buy iPhone x for your gf
May d fire of wisdom consume you, ijiot!

13. Don’t marry a native doctor daughter
Small quarrel you can start picking bottle (madness)

14. Meanwhile, I can’t forget the day a yahoo boy told me that the full meaning of SCAM is
S – Sucess
C – comes
A- as
M – miracle

15. Federal government are planning to reopen school, but as they gather so shall they scatter

16. Dear silent members of this group, were very sorry for the family problems you’re facing, we really really understand, take am easy you hear?

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