June 14, 2021

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I Want To End Our Friendship, He Masturbates

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I don’t know how this act (masturbation) came into existence but it is rapidly spreading like a wild fire that may not be quenchend.

I barged (we do this to one another) into my friend and colleague’s office on friday last week and caught this guy watching porn on his laptop and was roughly massaging his prick, he didn’t mind my presence in his office as he continued in his masturbation ecstasy, I had to leave his office.

I came outside and was wondering how my friend will buy vaseline and keep in his office just for masturbation purposes….

After 20mins the guy came out and met me at a corridor in our company, I thought that he would have been ashamed of himself but no he came and started listing me what he termed ‘benefits of masturbation’ rubbish.

I am ending our friendship.

Should I end the friendship because he masturbates?

3 thoughts on “I Want To End Our Friendship, He Masturbates

  1. Although masturbating is bad it also has it’s benefits don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to sya it was right because he went way out of line. He was supposed to stop masturbating when you came in but it still doesn’t matter you are friends with his personality not his sexual life

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