April 12, 2021

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FINAL: I SOLD MY VIRGINITY (18+) … Episode 53

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I heard talking coming from the other room, it was sort of loud and my head was pounding.
I think it’s Jess and Jasper. I don’t want to see them right now. They probably hate me as much as Joshua does.
I roll over and try to get comfortable. Closing my eyes helps but my stomach is spinning.
“Valentina” John came in. “Jess and Jasper are here”
I slowly sat up and looked at him. “I don’t want to see them. I don’t feel good”
“They won’t leave unless you talk to them”
I slowly rose to my feet and made my way into the living room.
“Valentina, we heard what happened are you okay?” Jess asked.
I nodded. She looked at Jasper then back at me. “Sweetheart we know Joshua can get out of hand sometimes but he’ll come around”
“He wants to get divorced”
She gasped and covered her face. “What?”
“He won’t tell me why, he just wants me to sign the papers”
“You didn’t sign them, did you?”
“No… not yet”
“My God Jasper, we have to talk to him” she turned her attention toward Jasper.
He nodded. “We’ll be back, Valentina. We’ll get this straightened out” Jasper said.
“Okay” I whispered. They headed toward the door. “But” I stopped them. “If you can’t and he doesn’t change his mind, bring the papers back. I’ll sign them”
“Why?!” Jess asked coming toward me.
“If he really doesn’t want to be with me I can’t make him stay” I cried. “I don’t want him to be miserable with me”
“He does love you Valentina, something is just going on. We’ll figure it out” she hugged me then headed out the door.
I stood there looking at the ground. “Valentina” John started. “Are you oka-”
“I need to go to the store. I have to get something” I cut him off.
“Alright” He said grabbing him keys. “Let’s go”

Valentina looked out the window and watched the rain fall. I tried to talk to her, cheer her up, but maybe she just needs to be sad and get this out of her system but it hurts.
We pulled up to the Walgreens and she got out the car walking in the store. I decided to wait in the car and give her some space. She’s going through a lot, she’s always going though a lot.
I don’t understand this bastards game. He loves Valentina, then he divorces her.
I never liked him, I never trusted him. I tried to tell her, I just wish she didn’t have to learn this way.
She got back in the car holding a bag. “John” she groaned. “I have to get my car” she put her hand on her head.
“I can get your car, it’s okay”
“No I’ll just call somebody to pick it up”
“What’d you get?” I asked looking at the bag.
“Nothing” She pushed it to the floor. “Let’s go please”
I stared at the steering wheel thinking of something to say.
“How long?” I finally asked.
“For what?”
“For you to not be like this, I don’t like to see you like this” She’s so different now. It’s like there’s no life in her eyes.
“I don’t know, John”
“Don’t let him do this to you” I looked at her. “Don’t let him walk away, taking part of you with him”
“I can’t-” her voice broke. She covered her face, crying. “I don’t know what I did”
“You didn’t do anything” I said. “It’s his fault”
“But I believed him! I believed that he loved me, I was so stupid!” She sobbed. “Now what am I going to do?”
“Move on, V. I know it’ll be hard but you gotta stay strong and if you need to, sign those papers”
“Why is he doing this?” She whispered.
“Because he’s not a good guy and you don’t need that in your life”
She looked at me. Her sad, red eyes blinked away tears. It hurts me to see her like this, she’s never done a bad thing to anybody and for some guy to come into her life and take her heart from her angers me.
“Can we go home now?” She sniffed.
“Yea” I started the car and we made way back to my house. Being silent the whole way over.
Jess and Jaspers car was in the driveway when we pulled up. And they got out when they saw us.
“What’s going on?” I asked them as I closed my car door.

“He’s being stubborn, he won’t tell us anything”
Valentina took my keys and headed for the house. “Let’s go inside” I said.
We walked in the house and Valentina went into the bathroom. “He said there was some sort of problem with Valentina” Jess whispered.
“He thought she was cheating on him”
“She wasn’t, was she?” Jess asked.
“Of course not, Valentina’s not like that” I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water. “And if your son really loved her he wouldn’t have started all this”
She sighed and looked at her husband. “I thinks it’s best if she signs those papers. If she holds onto this any longer, it’ll destroy her” I finally said.
“I want to talk to Joshua I think he just needs time”
“Time for what? He’s made his mind”
“I know your not to fond of Joshua but don’t you think they should wait. They just got married!” She exclaimed.
“Sure go ahead and wait but for how long? He’ll move on and she’ll be stuck in her head, thinking about how she ruined things with her husband of two days” I crossed my arms and leaned against the counter. “There’s no winning this against him. It’s time to pack up and move on”
Valentina came out of the bathroom and stood there before all of us. Her face was a bright red color and her cheeks were all wet from crying. She looked broken, heart broken and hurt from the inside out.
“What’s wrong?” I asked concerned.
“I-” she sobbed not being able to finished what she was going to say.
“It’s okay, sweetheart” Jess said. “Take your time. I know this is hard but Joshua will come around”
She shook her head and wiped her nose with her sleeve. “It’s not about him” her voice shook.
“Then what?” I asked.
“I’m pregnant”


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