April 12, 2021

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I SOLD MY VIRGINITY (18+) … Episode 52

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The door swung open and John stared me in the face. “Hey married lady” he smiled.
I didn’t say anything.
“What happened?” He asked. “Come in” He stepped aside and grabbed my suitcase for me.
“Joshua thinks I cheated”
I headed to his room and laid on the bed wrapping my head with a blanket. “It’s a long story but he won’t listen to me”
“I got time” he sat down in the chair across from the bed and waited for me to start. I sat up and proceeded to tell him what happened.
“What?! That bastard put his hands on you?” John shouted.
“Where the fuck is Micheal Hawthorne?”
“John!” I yelled over him. “Calm down, it’s okay”
“It’s not okay, why didn’t you say anything? Are you okay? When did this happen?”
“It happened before the wedding”
He sighed and finally stopped yelling. “Well- I don’t know what to do? Why are you so nonchalant about this?”
“Because I didn’t want to cause any problems, it’s okay!”
“It’s not okay, he shouldn’t have did that”
“He didn’t mean to he was drunk and he apologized after”
“That doesn’t make it okay” I looked at the ground and stayed quiet.
He sat down on the bed next to me. “I’m so sorry, V. You must’ve been scared out of your mind”
I nodded. “Where is Joshua? We have to talk to him” he asked.
“He left, I don’t know if he’s coming back”
“He’s not home?”
“I don’t know”
“Why don’t we go check?” I looked up at him. “It doesn’t hurt, we’ll just pop in and out”
“I kind of don’t want too. I want to give him his space”
“Valentina it’s now or never” he stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling me off the bed.
“Okay” I sighed.
It took us about fifteen minutes to get to the house and when we got to the house I stood in front of the door.
“What if he’s not here?”‘I asked. “What if still doesn’t listen to me?”
“If he really loves you, he’ll listen to his wife”
I looked up at him and smiled faintly.
“Come on, go in” he urged me.
I pushed the door open and walked inside.
“He’s not here” I said looking around.
“Over there” John pointed to something. There was a light on in Joshua’s office area.
I slowly walked up to the door and I saw Joshua inside sitting at his desk writing on paper.
“Sit down” he growled.
“No” I said.
He looked up and gave me a face. “Sit down now, Valentina” He scorned me like a child.
I moved closer to his desk but I didn’t sit down. “Why did you leave me there?” I asked. I felt the tears fall down my face, I wiped them quickly.
“Why won’t you let me explain what happened?”
“I know what happened. I saw the video”
“Why are you getting your information off of a video and not from me? I was there!” I yelled.
“You should’ve told me when it happened. I think you should sit” his voice quivered and he was being calm.
So I listened and sat down. He stood up and walked behind me, slamming a stack of papers down in front of me.
I looked at him then read them. “Termination of marriage?” I asked as I read them. “What?”
He looked down at me not saying anything. “Joshua what are you doing? You want to get divorced?”
He didn’t say anything again. “No!” I shouted. “What? What did I even do?”
“Sign them”
“I’m not signing anything! Talk to me” I screamed.
I stood up and knocked the chair to the floor. “Why are you doing this?”
“It’ll be easier if you just sign them now”
“I’m not signing anything!” I yelled in his face.
I threw the papers across the room and they knocked down a glass jar.
“Valentina” he said.
“So this was a lie?”
“No Valentina, I really do love you” he said matter- of- factually.

“Then why, huh? People who love each other don’t get married and then divorce the next day!” I looked at his desk and searched with my eyes, something to throw. I grabbed his pencils and threw them on the floor.
I never get aggressive but when something really bothers me I guess I do.
“I should’ve known, I should’ve known. This was all a game to you”
“It was never a game!” He shouted. “I never wanted this to happen but now it must”
“Tell me why then?” I sniffed and wiped my eyes. “If you tell me, I’ll sign the papers” I lied. I’m not signing those papers, we need to work this out. Like a couple. Like husband and wife.
He look me in the eyes and spoke slowly. “I don’t want to be with a cheater”
I literally felt my heart crack as he said that. A cheater? That’s what he things I am? Someone who cheats? “But what about all the things you’ve done?” I sobbed. “All the times you begged for my forgiveness and I forgave you”
He didn’t say anything. “Please don’t make this harder than it has to be”
“I can’t believe you” I looked at him. His dark cold eyes shows little to no emotion. “I didn’t realize how miserable of a person you are, and I wish I could’ve seen this side of you before we got married”
He sighed and closed his eyes.
I walked out of the room and upstairs to my bedroom. Turning on the light, I grabbed as many suitcases as I could find and started packing many of my things.
I saw Joshua sit on the bed and stare off into space. Not saying anything. Not saying a word. The contract and a pen sitting right beside him.
When I was finished I brought my things downstairs and told John to put them in the car.
I looked behind me and Joshua was standing there finally looking sad.
“I’m giving you one last chance” I said holding back my tears. “If I leave this house, I am NEVER coming back. I promise you”
“Valentina, please. You don’t have to leave, you don’t have to move out”
“I’m not signing those papers, Joshua. I don’t even know what it is you want! You want to be with me or you don’t. There’s no in between”
He looked as if he wanted to say something. “You are a twisted, sad man!” I yelled. “And I pity you”
“Valentina, don’t leave me here!” He yelled but it was too late. I was already out the door.


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