April 12, 2021

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I SOLD MY VIRGINITY (18+) … Episode 51

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I hear noise coming from living room. I slowly open my eyes and roll off the bed, I grabbed Joshua’s T-shirt off the floor and a pair of shorts and slid them on.
Walking into the living room I see Nate and Joshua talking.
Joshua had his back to me but Nate looked up when he saw me. “She’s here sir”
“Give us a minute” Joshua mumbled.
“Yes sir” Nate walked out the house.
I walked up to Joshua and put my hands on his shoulders. “What’s going on?”
He pulled away and stood up. His face contorted to an angry, twisted frown. “Michael Hawthorne” he growled.
I looked at the ground. “What about him?”
“Don’t play dumb with me. What were you doing in his office?”
“When?” I asked nervously.
“Valentina!” He yelled.
I jumped and started rambling. “Ally told me to give him papers for business”
“We don’t do business! What the fuck were you thinking?” He shouted.
“Joshua, Ally told me to go!”
“For what?” He shouted.
“He had to sign some papers, I can’t remember for what?”
“So what else happened?” He asked.
I looked at him suspiciously. “What else do you have to tell me?”
“Nothing” I said afraid.
“You’re lying” he said angrily.
“I’m not!” I pleaded with him. What does he know? How much does he know?
“Why was he touching you?!” He yelled. “Why did he have his fucking hands on you?”
I felt my hands start to sweat and tears fill my eyes. “It doesn’t matter” I whispered.
“Did you cheat on me?”
“No!” I yelled. “Of course not, I would never-”
“Then explain that” he pointed to a computer sitting open on the table.
I looked at him then walked over to it. “Sit down” he said sternly.
I looked at him at as I sat down, he pressed play and watched the video.
I turned my attention to the computer and watched the recorded actions of that day. I didn’t know there was a video.
“It’s not what it looks like”
“Then what is it?”
“He- was, I was trying to-”
“Shut up!” He yelled. “You’re a fucking liar. I can’t believe I was stupid enough to marry you”
“You had me fooled Valentina, you really did”
“Let me explain!” I yelled. “Let me tell you what happened”
“I know what happened”
“You weren’t there!”
“I saw the video! I know that’s you, I checked into it”
“He was drunk Joshua!” I started crying. “He was drunk and he put his hands on me”
“Why are you making stuff up?!”
“Why would I make this up? I know you’re not stupid. If I wanted to cheat on you I wouldn’t be with you” I yelled.
He looked away from me and walked in the kitchen. “Why won’t you listen to me? Let me tell you what happened? How do you even have that video?”
“Don’t worry about it”
“Joshua you’re the one that sneaks around and does things when I’m not looking and you’re mad at me?”
“So he put his hands on you? Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t want to ruin anything” I said quietly.
He slammed his hand on the counter and walked into the bedroom. When he came out he had his car keys in his hand.
“Where are you going?” I asked as I followed him. He didn’t say anything and headed out the door. “Joshua! Don’t leave me here” I shouted.
He didn’t answer again he just got in the car and sped off down the road.
“Joshua!” I yelled after the car.
I watched it until it became out of view. I turned to the house and saw Nate standing by the front door.
“Where is he going?” I asked.
“I don’t know”
“What’s going on? I don’t understand” I cried.
“He’ll come back, come inside”
I walked inside and stood there awkwardly. “What happened that day?” He asked me.
I sat down and stared at the floor. “I had to him some papers and he had been drinking and when I tried to leave he wouldn’t let me. Let’s all that happened I swear, I would never cheat on Joshua!”
“I believe you, I’ll talk to him. Are you fine to stay here?”
I nodded. “Yea”

“I’ll be back soon” he headed out the door and left.
I felt something come over me and I just started to bawl. Letting the tears fall down my face and letting myself cry. Why won’t he believe me?
I walked into the bedroom and started putting my clothes into my suitcase. If Joshua doesn’t believe me then I’ll just leave, he obviously doesn’t want me around right now. But before I leave I’m going to take a shower.

I got dressed in a pair of jeans and a black jacket.
My wet hair slapped my face every time I turned my head.
I zipped up my suitcase and grabbed my phone. I ordered and Uber and waited outside.
It’s been four hours and he’s not coming back. I can’t believe he won’t listen to me, if he lets me explain it won’t be that big a deal. It wasn’t even that big a deal when it happened.
About 10 minutes later the Uber pulled up. I put my things in the trunk and took one last look at the house before I left.


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