April 12, 2021

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I SOLD MY VIRGINITY (18+) … Episode 50

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The sun beaming on my face was what woke me up. I ran my hand over the bed searching for Valentina but she wasn’t there.
After a little while I heard footsteps and saw a figure sit on the bed. My eyes adjusted and it was Valentina holding a cup in her hand.
“Good afternoon” her smooth voice filled my ears.
“Good afternoon” I sat up and my head started to hurt.
“You slept like a rock” she handed me the cup. “Usually it’s me that sleeps all day”
I took the cup and looked at it. “It’s tea, it’ll help your head”
I looked at her. “How’d you know my head hurt?”
“Because you slept till 4” she laughed and stood up. “I made breakfast, come eat”
Cooking and taking good care of me? She’s got those motherly instincts already.
I smiled to myself as I followed her into the kitchen.
“I made french toast for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch” she fixed me a plate and I sat down.
She leaned over the counter watching me eat. “Did you eat?” I asked.
“I’m not hungry”
I sighed and looked at her. ” Valentina eat your food” she said in a deep voice, mocking me.
“Yes, father” she said in her normal voice and nibbled on a waffle.
“You need to eat, why haven’t you been eating?”
“I have you just don’t notice”
“I notice a lot more than you think I do”
“Oh yea?” She bit her lip.
I looked at her lips then at her eyes. I know what she’s doing to me. “Don’t stray from the topic of discussion”
“I’m not, I’m focused on eating” she took another small bite of the waffle.
“Answer my question”
“Joshua it’s a beautiful day, the beach is right out side the bedroom, let’s go for a swim”
I continued eating my food. “I’m not going to talk to you until you answer my question”
Maybe she’s pregnant, but she can’t be pregnant if she was she would be eating more not less.
She smiled. “Really? You want to play that game?”
I looked at her amused but not saying anything.
She looked at my lips and licked hers. “Alright” she smiled. “I bet by the end of the day you won’t even remember your question”
I forgot it already. I bit down and tried to keep myself together but she’s making me hard.
“I’m going to go swimming then” she turned around and walked into the bedroom. “And stop biting” she shouted.
I let go of a breath I didn’t know I was holding. She’s so sexy, how does she do this to me?
I stood up and followed her. Standing at the entrance of the bedroom.
I noticed that our suitcases were in one corner of the room. “When did those get here?” I asked.
“Your mother came by this morning”

She sat on the floor and dug through her suitcase pulling out her yellow bathing suit. “I love yellow” she said.
She stood and went into the bathroom. “You’re not really going swimming now” I shouted to her. “It’ll be dark soon”
“Good” she opened the bathroom door and stepped out.
“Damn” I said under my breath. “I can’t let you go out like that”
She chuckled and opened the patio doors. “Watch me”
She headed out and I watched her every move. The way her body moved, the way her legs shook.
I don’t want her in the water I want her with me.
I follow her out to the water and watch her. She doesn’t let the water go past her hips. “It’s cold” she shouts to me.
I pull off my shirt and pants and walk towards her. I splashed the water on her and she shrieked. “Joshua!”
“It’s not that cold” I laughed.
She held her breath and dipped under the water. Coming back up she splashed me.
I grabbed her and threw her over my shoulder. “Put me down!”
I lowered her but held onto her waist. I leaned in to kiss her but she pulled away. I felt my heart fall. “I thought you didn’t want to talk to me” she smirked.
“It’s not talking if we’re making out”
She laughed and stared to walk out of the water. “I’m not kissing you, I’m taking a shower. The water is freezing”
I pulled her arm and slammed my lips onto hers. She immediately kissed me back and wrapped her legs around my waist.
She moaned as I bit her bottom lip. “Joshua stop” I started sucking on her neck and she lifted her head giving me better access.
I made my way back to the house with her in my arms. Laying her on the bed and trying to get her bathing suit off.
~ring ring~
“Fuck” I grounded pulling away.
She looked at me disappointed as I reached for my cell phone. “One minute” I said as I walked into the other room.

~ring ring~
Joshua’s cell phone rang loudly next to my ear.
“Fuck” he groaned pulling away from me. “One minute” he said to me as he answered it.
“Uhh” I groaned and laid on my stomach. I was really getting into it. He had me, now he’s making me wait.
I pushed myself off the bed and went into the bathroom, running the warm water and dropping off my bathing suit.
Stepping in, I let the water soak me and my wild hair.
I grabbed the soap and a washcloth and started rubbing it along my skin.
I looked out the shower curtain and saw Joshua leaning on the doorframe.
“You left me”
He pulled the curtain back exposing me to the cold crisp air. “Let me in”
“I want to take my shower alone, Joshua” I teased.
“I’m supposed to care?” He said. He dropped his boxers and climbed in, taking the soap from me.
He threw it on the floor. “Oops” He said.
I looked at him and laughed. “I already used the soap, I don’t need it baby”
“I think you do, why don’t you get it?”
“You are too funny” I grabbed what shampoo I saw and poured it on my head.
“Let me do it” Joshua said.
I put my hands down and let him massage the shampoo into my hair. When he was done I rinsed it again and put the conditioner in.
He started talking as he rubbed the conditioner in. “Do you know why I love you?” He asked.
I smiled to myself. “No, why?”
“Because you’re so strong”
I laughed. “I’m strong to you?”
“You don’t think you are?” He asked.
“Not really no” he turned me around to look at him.
“Why not?”
“Don’t make this a big deal”
“I’m not I just want to know why”
I sighed and put my head under the water. “I don’t know, I don’t feel it”
“Well you are, you’re strong and you’re beautiful and everything I need”
His eyes roamed away from mine and stayed down my body.
I lifted his chin so he’s stop looking at me. “Well I love you because you’re difficult and caring and handsome”
He smiled and pulled me against him. Kissing me slowly and softly. He reached his hand behind me and turned the water off.
Stepping out of the shower he lifted me up and carried me to the bed.
We had sex all night.


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