June 19, 2021

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I SOLD MY VIRGINITY (18+) … Episode 28

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( His royal Excellency)


Page name: Authoress Ricky

✍️ Twenty- Eight✍️

Warning!! This chapter contains some graphic s*xual content. If you don’t like s*x talk then skip to where you see ~~~~ <- those marks. They will indicate when the s*x part is over. This will be the only warning!


He moved quickly to put his hands around my waist. Snaking his warm hands under my shirt, he pulled it off. His lips quickly covered mine and his tongue slipped into my mouth. He bit my bottom lip and moan escaped my mouth.

As he sucked on my neck he pulled down my shorts. By him moving so slow I started getting frustrated. I trailed my hand down his chest and pulled on his pants.

“f**k” he whispered in my ear. He unhooked my bra and threw it on the floor. “You’re so beautiful” he said looking down at me. His mouth went quickly to my nipple and I moaned as he sucked hard. His fingers wrapped around my neck as he moved his lips to my other nipple. His other hand moved down to my underwear and he slid it off in one quick motion.

I felt awkward being naked against him being fully clothed but he changed that by pulling off his shirt and sliding off his pants. He brought his head down to my p***y. His mouth sucked on my clit as I let out a moan. My hands travelled to his hair and rugged in it lightly. He swirled his tongue in circular motions. “Joshua” I moaned. “Don’t stop” I gripped the sheets and arched my back as he started to go faster.

I finally threw my head back and moaned uncontrollably as I felt a huge buildup of pressure and the it being released. I heavily painted against the pillow as he made his way up my body. He hovered over me and pulled his boxers off. I’ve never seen him naked before now but that doesn’t really matter because his D*** is huge. It was resting on my upper thigh.

He leaned back up and ripped open a little package, taking out a condom and sliding it on. “This is going to hurt, Valentina. Tell me and I’ll stop”

Why does it hurt? I mentally asked myself but I nodded and watched him as he continued. He rubbed his D*** before he pushed it into me. I whimpered as he kept going. He leaned down and kissed my neck when he heard me. I bit my lip to hide the pain but it wasn’t working so well. He stopped for a second. “Are you okay?” He asked out of breath. He’s enjoying this already.

I nod my head because I can’t speak, my voice is caught in my throat. He leans up to look at me. “You sure?” I nod once again and he proceeds. A tear fell out of my eye as he kept going. He pushed himself in and out of me slowly. “Ah” I whimpered. He stopped immediately and his head shot up. He kissed me immediately making me forget the pain for a while. Biting my lip and teasing me. “Im okay” I chuckled. “Keep going, baby” He continued and a few minutes later the pain I was experiencing turned into pleasure.

When he saw that I was finally enjoying it he started to thrust into me faster. This is finally happening and it feels so good. “You’re so tight” he said trying to hide his moans. I finally relaxed a wrapped my legs around his waist. I moaned in his ear as he cursed obscenities in mine. “Oh f**k” he groaned as I tightened my v****a around him. He threw himself into me faster and faster. Feeling tension grow inside me I threw my head back and closed my eyes. I bit my lip to try to hide my moan but it escaped with ease. “Let it out baby” he said as he kissed me deeply. He pushed his tongue into my mouth.

I opened my eyes looking deep into his then closed them again when Josh hit a spot. He then thrusted faster and harder when he saw the effects it had on me. My legs got weak and I came fast. He did quickly after me and wrapped his hand around my throat as we rode out our orgasm he pulled out of me and collapsed on the bed next to me.

“That was amazing” he said.
We laid there for a while gathering our energy before he stood up and threw away the condom. I reached to the floor and grabbed my bra and panties, sliding them on quickly before he came back out fully naked. “How do you feel?” He asked going in a drawer.


“Wonderful” I laid back and closed my eyes. Despite all the pain and hurt that I’m experiencing right now I do feel wonderful and glad that we finally did it.

I laid on my side and wrapped myself in the covers. He came for back in the bed and wrapped his arms around me pulling me close. This is amazing. “Joshua, am I-”

“My girlfriend?” he cut me off.

I opened my eyes to look at him and nodded. “Yes” he kissed my nose. I smiled at him and closed my eyes again. “So you better not take that job, V. You’re mine now and no one else’s”
✍️To be continued ✍️


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