June 14, 2021

Naija Sweet



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A little girl told her parents ..the family was at the dinning table the little girl 10 years old girl wasn’t eating and had her head bowed down with the nose in her plate..after few moments she said ..I have something to tell you people..silence around the table with cold chill running down the spine of the parents..”I am no longer a virgin..she begins to cry
..a long silence again and then the husband angrily scream at his wife..”it’s your fault always dressed and made up like a prost!tute..do u think you’re setting a good example for ur daughter..u see now that’s how problem arrives

The wife in turn angrily yelled at her husband..”what about u are u setting a good example? Wasting ur salary on slut..who sometimes accompany u to ur door step..are u setting a good example to ur 10 yr old daughter??
The father continued..
“And her elder sister..that good for nothing and her Rasta man boyfriend who’s always fond with her in all the hotel..do u think she’s setting a good example for her younger sister ..and the recriminations went on and on..

The grand mother touches the shoulder of the little grand daughter and asked her..well my little princess how did it happen?
And the little girl replied while stiffling her sobs
“It’s our Sunday school teacher
The grandmother asked what do u mean by it’s ur Sunday school
The little girl said.
“He choosed another girl to be virgin Mary in the Christmas play..

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