June 19, 2021

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I Accessed My Gilfriend’s Phone, Now I Can’t Walk. Help!

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I would like to go symmetrical to the point. But before I proceed, I will like to say sorry to whom it may concern. Yes people I did it, I went through her phone. I broke the rule and went against my instincts.

In fact, I’m writing this with pidgin so as to carry the street along. so I invite ma babe come house today, the babe too cool, silent and has this innocent look and all. As she enter house, the first thing wey she ask me be say make i go buy her pad… i swear i shock. i nearly fall sef, but as a “niggarrrr” i no tok, i just waka jeje go buy am come, i even buy fruits join sef as a beta pikin … lol [ well, im not laughing shaa o] I later move go market buy catfish cook for her, just to make sure Jesus is happy with me, his son.

So later in the day, i went to play around with the boys as madam dey “flight mode” I came back around 9pm and met her sleeping. I waka go kitchen go take something, then i see her phone for there with 8 missed calls from the same number. As a retired agbero i sensed something was not right about the calls. So i jejely and smoothly snicked back to the room and placed her finger on her phone sensor to open it. After unlocking the phone i went straight to the rest room to settle my curiosity. omo, as i open whatsapp, enter the caller name chat, naso i collapse………. athink say na only that one, as i enter others naso i paralyze. what i saw was UNBELIEVABLE and beyond my mental absorption. The one wey one paddy dey complain give am say she no sabi suck preeq na im wound me. I lost my breath for a moment and nearly went to join my ancestors.

Please help me. This is 3am and I’m still in deep pains. I can’t seem to walk, my sight is going blurry too and i don’t know what to do about her hereafter
Please how do I get my legs working again so I can at least walk back to the room and sleep first??

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