June 14, 2021

Naija Sweet


How To Get Rid Of This Boy In My Head. Please help!

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I was into a relationship with a yahoo boy, i didn’t know he was into that. I fell so deeply and madly in love with him to the extent no man moves me again except him. I have different men hitting on me, i see lot of handsome guys but still i just can’t get my mind off him. I think of him all the time, anytime i’m with a guy, i still think of him. I broke up with him because i don’t like the job he does and he refused to stop, i don’t consider him a good person. I keep hearing his voice in my head. I just want to forgot all memories with him. I want to be free of him. I have deleted and blocked all his contact but still i think of him.

Please i need to move on with my life and forget this stupid boy. I don’t even know why i feel so much attracted to him, he is not even so handsome. I don’t just know why.. I have had lot of way handsome guys hitting on me but still i think of him.

I need to be free. He has to leave my head. How do i forget him please And i’m not doing this again with anyone if i finally get free of him. I hate giving my heart this much to people who don’t appreciate and toy with it. I was ready to do anything for him. I know how i can get really addicted to something that really makes me happy. Better to get addicted to drugs than human beings.

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