June 14, 2021

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How Do I Turn Him Down And Not Hurt Him?

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Few weeks to my 25th birthday, last year, I ran into my Neighbour and we exchanged numbers, then the chatting began, we became friends and he offered to take me out on my birthday but It didn’t happen.

Fast forward to the lockdown, I would go visit him we would chat and he appreciated my company as he was alone. He eventually started to make moves, getting all touchy which got me a little surprised and uncomfortable since as friends that was improper, which got me thinking if he wants more than friendship.

He has a great career, intelligent and all but not my spec, and I’m not attracted to him. We are very different people, socially and even our views about life. I enjoy his company but that’s all there is.

As a result if I use to visit twice in a week, I reduced it to once in two weeks and eventually monthly, and reduced the chats just to not give him the wrong impression.

He stylishly refer to me in future as his wife.
What do I do? Is he starting to have feelings for me and how do I stylishly turn him down since he hasn’t asked me out or do i wait for him to do so? cos there are people who just draw close and start dating without d while toasting stuff or is it just his flesh loosing control, which I doubt cos I try to be as decent as possible wen visiting him.

Do I just go with the flow since I’m currently not in a relationship? But won’t that be me deceiving him and myself cos I don’t like him in that way. or I’m over thinking the whole thing?

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