June 19, 2021

Naija Sweet


HOSPITAL ROMANCE (18+) … Episode 12

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{cold and crazy meets again}

💜💜 Episode 12 💜💜

🎗️ Noah🎗️

I drove angrily out of blake’s house.
He told me to calm down but heck!

She hid my son from me.
My child?

I didn’t know she could get pregnant.
We only had s*x once.
That was the night I took her virginity.

But she also slept with Damien.
That jerk!.

What if the child is for him?
I have to come firm this my self.

I got to the hospital and parked my car.
“Sir you aren’t working today”the receptionist said she once she saw me entering the hospital.

“I know I left some important documents”I said and entered my office.

I looked at my shelf and brought out Anna and Carla’s files.

Anna didn’t write her house address!

I went through Carla’s own and I saw it.
Thank God.

I took a picture of it and placed the files b the place with their address.

I entered my car and zoomed off.
Who does she think she is?

😈 Damien 😈

I watched as Nala paled out suddenly.
It even shocked me.

“What the h*ll are you talking about?”Nala yelled again.

“Eish!!!! , What’s with the yelling?”I asked her.

“I can’t let Noah find out!”she exclaimed angrily.
Typical desperate Nala!!

“I don’t even think it’s true , it is not true ,it’s not”she said again. I scoffed and watched her angry expressions.

“I was planning something”I said and smirked.
She looked at me Questionly.

I shrugged and opened the beer I was holding.

“Why don’t you fake pregnancy?”I asked her.

“Yes!! , besides he couldn’t get his hands of me yesterday”she said and I smirked.

“Noah is a doctor he will know”sh said and I sipped my beer.

“You are a nurse Nala”I said and she smirked.
I snorted and chuckled.

“I have got to go , I have to find out myself of it’s true”she said and took her bag.

“Not before I bang you”I said and she scoffed.
“You are a s*x freak Damien”she said and took her car keys.

“I’ve got a boner”I said.

“I will see you in the evening”she said and left.
Now I have to f*ck a whore.
Chill Damien she will come back.

🍎Anna 🍓

Carla , Diego and I had finished breakfast.
We were watching a soap opera.

I glanced at Carla she was Soo engrossed in it.
I looked at Diego and he was playing a game with my phone.

“Diego come and rest”I took the phone from him and he pouted.

“But Momma please”his tiny voice said and I chuckled.

“Come and rest”I said and he climbed on top of me.
He put his head on my chest and I sighed.

“Momma are we going to the park?”he asked and I scoffed.

“You are sick , we will go when you are recovered”I said and he nodded.

“Anna the movie was Soo emotional”Carla said and went to take some juice from the fridge.

Oh! , I didn’t even know the movie has ended.
“Diego have you taken a shower?”Carla asked.

“Yes aunt Carla , momma showered for me”Diego said still lying on top of me.
I watched as Carla drank the juice she poured.

The door bell rang and I sighed.
Who is it again?

Damien came and spoil my day , I don’t need another headache.

Carla went to open it and stood there not moving.
Okay! , What is going on?
Did she see a ghost.

I yawned and put Diego down and he curled up on the sofa.

I went to the door and I stood there wide eyed.

What is he doing here?
Oh no?

I hope Theresa or Blake hasn’t told him.

🎗️ Noah 🎗️

I watched as Carla and Anna stood there watching me like I came from another world.

They don’t know how I got their address.

Like I care?

I scoffed at them angrily.
“What are you doing here and how did you know my address?” Anna asked bewildered.

“I will just go inside”Carla said entering the apartment and closed the door.

Well I am entering inside when am done with Anna!

“Is this how to greet your baby’s father?”I asked and smirked whiles she looked at me shocked.

“Wh_wha_what ar_are yo_ you talking about?”Anna asked stuttering uncomfortably.

“What am I talking about?” I yelled angrily.
God! , She is even pretending.

“Look I don’t know what you are saying”she said angrily too.

The nerves she has!
I thought angrily.

I held her wrists angrily.
I made sure I was hurting her.

“Now tell me before I loose it , if it’s not true why did Carla say something about a son in the hospital that day?”I asked and she paled out.

“Noah you are hurting me”she cried and I scoffed.
“Tell me is it true?”I yelled angrily.

God! , All these years.
I wanted to kill someone.

“No it was an excuse”she said trying to release her grip from my hand.

“Tell me now Anna , you don’t wanna see my bad side”I said calmly this time.

“You are hurting me”she yelled in pain.

“Tell me before I lo_ “I trailed off when she yelled.

“Yes! , Yes! , So what if you have son , so what if I didn’t tell you , it’s true we have a three years old son , so what?”she yelled and snatched her wrists form me.

I paled out immediately.
A son? My son!
That night ,that night when we made love.

That night when I took her dignity.

That night we made something together.
A baby.
We made a son.

I am a father.

But what about the next day I found her in bed with my best friend.

“Am I really the father?” I asked and she looked at me shocked.
I saw anger in her eyes……….



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