June 14, 2021

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He’s Very Stingy And I am tired

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I broke up with my boyfriend today,
I met him while I was serving, he was nice and the only friend I had, I served in a village. While we were serving he doesn’t give me much, I practically kinda fed him cause he was always in my place. He had a roommate and I didn’t. Before he gives me any money we always had issues, not like he doesn’t hv to give. He just doesn’t want to. I don’t even ask for much.

After service we continued dating, he had no job so I told him to get a teaching job he said never ever, he rather follow he’s friends up and down , I kept quite watching what his plans maybe, I hv never asked him for a dim since we finished service mid last year, got a teaching job so taking care of myself.

My birthday would be coming up, his just passed, I told him that I would be expecting some cash on my birthday. We talked today and hiss telling me he spent all his money for his birthday, that if money comes he will send but right now he has no money, placing me on the probability table, so I said u couldn’t keep the one u would send me, he said people were buying drinks and buying drinks and he couldn’t tell them to stop. Am like are u serious ? I had to remind him that my birthday is few days away and he started saying he won’t be able to send anything. I told him without him doing the needful that there is no us.

Am tired, he has no vision, No focus , no aim , he depends on his friends and it’s annoying. I think about his future more than he does , he’s always in the present. He’s making me feel like a bad person that he would make it. I hope he makes it but the relationship is so draining and I am 100% faithful to someone with no sense of reasoning. He’s Saying I am dating someone that’s why I want to leave him. He isn’t even addressing the issue we hv on ground .


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