June 19, 2021

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Her Boyfriend Is Ugly But He Wants To Marry Her-pls Advise

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My friend needs your advice.
She wrote, I met this guy, he is 39 and he is my dream guy , he is everything I prayed for, he has every quality I asked God of my future hubby. He is a Christian.(They met after a church service).

We are both Catholics, he approached me that fateful day we exchange contact and we were communicating to each other very well.
Three weeks later he asked me out for a date. We try to know more about each other, we have been in touch with each other for about two months now, he told me that he wants to meet with my family and that he want to marry me.

He has been on my neck to talk with any of my family and also for me to meet with his but I have been given him excuses simply because he doesn’t have a cute look on his face.

He has all the quality that I need but he is ugly looking, I don’t no what to do, I refused to accept the feelings I have for him cos he is ugly. Pls I need help am a beautiful lady and am 25 years old.

This not the first time but I always refused cos of they look. Thanks

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