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Chapter five

**Fighting emotions**

Morris and Juliet became closer and more intimate than they imagined growing deeper in love by the day, but at that point in their intimacy, Morris began to feel that he may be wasting his time falling for a human.

Those feelings weren’t what he wanted. He didn’t realise that in the game of emotions, it’s sometimes hard to overcome it, especially when it’s being so demanding.

As the snow continued to fall and getting everywhere frozen, Morris started avoiding Juliet just to try to fight those emotions that kept growing day by day.

Juliet wasn’t just seeing any future with him, except a romance that would simply end in the old-fashioned house. It’s usually said that whatever happens in the woods, stays in the woods.

Morris and Juliet kept wallowing in aloofness for a while, but for how long could such continue?

After a long silence which needed to be broken, Morris came to Juliet’s room one calm wintry evening and sat on the wooden chair, watching her as she worked on her novella.

“I have to say something,” he said after some deep thoughts that lasted for a couple of minutes.

“Don’t say anything because I don’t want to hear it,” she objected swiftly, “I know it’s hard trying to understand that we’re in different worlds but let’s not talk about it.

Sometimes signals are better than words,”

“Signals are better?” he repeated and yanked her closer and implanted a deep kiss on her forehead. “When the storm is over, I promise to move over to Boston at my other home, so that we can give this emotional barricade a break. You’re always the best and I missed you for a while in this long silence that crept in a couple of days ago,”

“I guess I missed you more,” she responded as if she’d waited for him for long to say that.

They started kissing each other and ended up having sex again.

Without reaching a verbal agreement, they continued having sex as they wrote their books together without thinking of a long relationship.

They had to be okay with spending romantic times together until the end of the snowy weather, which would mark an end to their romance.

Chapter six

**Hard to let go**

The long-awaited snowstorm finally came to an end, marking officially, the end of their romance that got buried in the snow.

It was time for Morris to move to Boston as he promised, but he was moody thinking of it just as Juliet tried hard to get over those feelings of loss that was almost getting her crazy.

After getting his things packed up, he felt bad but had to take that trip.
Juliet felt moody and remained in her room to avoid the tears that always accompany goodbye. She just wanted him to go, so that she’d get it over with once other than allowing the slow moment of crying on each other’s shoulder to steal away the remaining part of her life.

Morris tried being man enough to get over those lovely feelings, though it wasn’t easy stepping out from that door. When he finally made up his mind to leave for Boston, he heard a knock at the door.

It was strange because he wasn’t expecting any visitor. Juliet had no one to come looking for her too which got them thinking. With his heightened sense of smell, Morris perceived John Culio, with other few heartbeats, suggesting that they were about five to six people coming to see him. Judging from their familiar smell, he already knew who they were.
Opening the door, he saw Joe, Brendan, John, Paul, and Japheth. They were the envoy from Lazio, who considered it expedient to come and see him after considering his replies to their emails.

“Come on in,” he said and welcomed them into his house.

After getting seated, John, who happens to be the leader among them said: “We’re not here to bring you back to Lazio because you already issued a promise to make things work out in any way you feel necessary, which is of the interest of the entire vampire’s clan,”

“We came to ask you to be a patron to us, even if you’re not close to us; you could always come around for your good counsel once in a while. Or you could listen to our complaints when we have any,” Joe said.

“I perceive a human here,” Japheth, the talkative said, sniffing.

“Control your appetite,” Paul warned cautiously, “don’t make me ask again,”

“Yeah, there is a human here, but it’s not what we’re here to discuss,” John Culio said, “Morris has it covered already,”
Juliet came out from the curtain where she hid and looked at their faces and went back without saying anything, not even to greet the visitors.

“I accept your offer, as long as I’m not expected to come down to Italy,” Morris said.

“Does that mean a yes?” Brendan asked.

“Yes, I’m game,” Morris responded leading to cheers among them, “as you can see, I’m already travelling out, so can we hit the streets now?”

“Of course, we can,” John said gleefully.

They all left together, leaving Juliet alone in the house. As Morris left, he felt as if a part of him was being left behind, but he had to make other vampires around him to think that he wasn’t the weak vessels like humans.


It wasn’t just easy for Morris More spending even a day at Boston without Juliet let alone going through that hell that he encountered, spending seven days alone.

It was more perturbing staying alone. This was against his belief that he’d quickly finish writing the book he started as he was left alone. It was then that he began to discover that the real backbone behind his success in writing the book was Juliet. He started missing everything about her; especially the way she used to allow those dimples on her cheek get him lustful and happy. The feelings that he used to enjoy staying around her suddenly became an optical illusion.

It was unbearable and almost impossible being alone without perceiving Juliet’s soft smell that has engraved itself in his nostril.

Juliet ended up writing just one page within that one week. She suddenly discovered that her romance with Morris couldn’t be disregarded no matter her efforts.
In that feeling of loneliness, she drowned in utter silence and uninvited boredom that tore her life apart. The house suddenly became so large, even larger than she used to see it.

Morris’s absence gave her the ample opportunity to think through the entire getting-to-know-each-other turn of events, getting her to be enshrouded in a deep unquenchable fire of love that burnt her completely.


On that very moody morning, the clouds seemed angry and the weather suddenly began to frown at whatever she tried to do to remain happy. Juliet couldn’t just take it anymore. At that point in her life, she was ready to head over to Boston, even without knowing Morris’s location. She believed that he may be able to trace her with the perception of her smell once she gets to Boston. All she needs was to make herself available in Massachusetts.

Juliet just realised how stupid they both were to have allowed their emotions overtake their senses of reasoning, which made them not to exchange phone numbers.

As she got ready for an adventure into oblivion, she took her bag and few things, leaving her laptop behind because by that moment, all she was occupied with, was to see Morris and tell him how madly in love she’d become for him.

As she unlocked the door to move out from the apartment, she was taken aback to see Morris standing at the threshold, about to come in.

“I got your message,” he said as they bumped into each other.

He carried her like a baby and entered the house. Of course, their lips weren’t apart as this happened.

Juliet’s eyes were full of tears of joy as she kept kissing him and getting his cheek watered with her tears just like the waterfall that got the foot of the mountain waterlogged.

“I missed you so much,” she joyfully expressed as she remained suspended in the air by his manly arms.

The door was still open, but it didn’t matter to them anymore, as long as they had each other at the moment.

Throwing her on the bed and watching her bounce as if she just landed on a pendulum, he first used his teeth to undo the straps of the thigh-high winter boots she wore, expressing his foot-fetish mental attitude.

He spent much time licking her toes and getting her legs massaged. That foot worship was the first time that Juliet witnessed such. This was going to be considerably entered into her romantic book.

As she kept watching him caress her foot carefully, her whole body got burnt up with sensations that she couldn’t even control.

She enjoyed what he was doing, which got her so impatient, making her unzip her winter jacket. She flung the jacket away leaving just her bra on. Moving her hands down to her thigh, she jerked up her skirt, making her sexy hipster panty to get his eyes engaged.
Seeing her sexy hip, he quickly pulled out the boots, shifted her red panty and quickly thrust his tongue into her pussy, leading to louder groans from her.

“You just hit my g-spot,” she confessed cheerfully, “I missed you so much. I love you. I love you and I’ll always love you, my baby,” she was just overwhelmed with the superfluity of passion that she couldn’t control anymore.

Morris was so happy that he ended up with her again. At that point, he wasn’t ready to fight his emotions anymore. He knew that his love for Juliet was inevitable, so it was better he spends his time having the best part of her love than to spend it fighting over the feeling that he couldn’t subdue or repel.

“I love you more,” he replied accordingly, “I just realised how the world would have been empty without you,”

He poured out his heart to her, feeling the ecstasy that took over the passionate moment.

“Can you make love to me now?” she demanded, feeling so horny at the moment.

Morris honoured that invitation without hesitation. He took it slow as he penetrated, but her cunt was freer to accommodate him this time without much hindrance like the first time. He started digging deep in that missionary position, feeling the sweetness of her juice that got his man-sword soaked.

She allowed herself to be well serviced by resting her legs on his shoulders, which created a deeper penetration more than she expected. She suddenly started feeling the fierceness of his voracious entrance into her cunt which got her burning up with pleasurable and pains.

At a juncture, she couldn’t take the hot penetration anymore, so she placed her palm on his thigh to cushion the effect of the emphatic entrance into her cunt but Morris removed her hands and kept pounding harder and deeper. The intense thrusts got her g-spot well prodded and shaken up; making her seek a way to end the intercourse but Morris was stronger and determined.

Her lips curled as she tried to get over the arduousness of Morris’s pounds but she seemed to be failing, which started forcing those innocent tears from her eyes. The tears kept rolling down her cheek and couldn’t stop. She was thoroughly being effed without mercy.

Morris saw how she’d been thoroughly satisfied and had some mercy but that didn’t make him stop because he was yet to get satisfied in the game.
For the next thirty minutes, he was still pounding hard on her, making her busty butts bounce to the rhythm of his merciless touch.

It became too hot for her to handle, forcing those hot pee out from her cunt which made her feel so shy for having such experience that she never thought would ever happen. In that bashfulness, she blushed. hot pee forced Morris to have an induced explosion, making him cum pretty much inside her. The copious cum kept dispensing until the last drop. She felt the warmth of thick goo as he came into her pussy. Morris remained inside her until his shaft got numb therein and slipped out voluntarily.

They went into the bathroom and had a romantic hot bath that lasted for a while. In the bathroom, they felt each other’s love and fucked one more time before being utterly satisfied.


After realising that being a political writer could make him work for his fellow vampires and still remain in Kentucky, Morris, through Juliet’s help became a full-time political writer. He sent his concluded works to Lazio, which made his absence not to be felt that much like it was when he left without saying goodbye to his clan.

In Kentucky, Morris still remained the leader they’d always missed.
After the long-lasting romance and relationship between them, Morris proposed to Juliet and they both got married and stepped up their lives from mere cohabitation to happily married couple. The lived a life adorned with understanding and love.

Little Sophia More, a very intelligent and sweet girl was the product of their love for each other, which made their inevitable love the most expensive gift they had always treasured.
Sophia’s birth gave rise to something that was strange and incredible. She wasn’t a vampire but full human with vampiric instincts. She was stronger than a vampire and a werewolf put together which gave birth to what is known as Human-vampirism in the scientific world. This was a research breakthrough.


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