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Naija Sweet



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(Written by Okafor Erasmus Ugochukwu)

Chapter four

**Matters of the heart**

Humped over their computers, Morris and Juliet were really occupied as they wrote their books At that point; they got so busy, even skipping some meals for the sake of the interesting fiction and non-fiction books they were busy with.

While writing few lines on the sex scene, Juliet was just reminded that she really needed more than mere imagination to write those parts, though she was still good at what she was doing.

Feeling the long silence that thrived between them amid those invincible hands of coldness that stole the moment, Juliet decided to break that long muteness by meeting Morris for some chitchat.

Going to Morris’s room, she found him looking very serious as he was writing and thinking. His work was more demanding because he was writing a non-fiction, not some fabricated stories.

Smiling slyly as she admired the serious-looking vampire as he flexed his thumb diligently on the computer keyboard, she slowly tiptoed into his room, so that he wouldn’t know that she was coming. She didn’t know that Morris was hypersensitive to smell and sound as a vampire.

“You seem to have forgotten so soon that I’m a vamp,” he said, letting her know that she was already caught.

“Ha-ha,” she grinned, “I’ll try harder next time,” she said and sat beside him, “can I look through your vamp-ish book?”

“You can if it doesn’t involve peeping through my emails,” he humoured, “you seem to be tired, but I don’t get tired quick, especially when my mind is locked on achieving the results,”

“We’ve stayed for a while without talking to each other,” she reminded him, “I’m writing a sex scene, but I seem hollow and blank right now,”

“Why?” he asked with a rapt attention and ardency.

“I write from imagination; not from experience,” She said, “I’m not into sex. The first and the last time I had sex was out of mistake, triggered by youthful exuberance,”

Morris found the discussion more interesting, which gave a pause to his fingers on the keyboard. He turned and faced her for a proper talk. “You should write from experience, not imaginations.

Imagination guides you, but to a certain point where experience should take over. Right now, you don’t know any sex skill, except you read them from books. If someone who’s into the real sex game reads your book, he’d definitely know that there are some ambiguities and things missing. You should have gained the real sex life experience before delving into romantic genre,”

At that point, she felt humiliated, feeling bad about coming to meet him. The most painful part was that Morris was right and she couldn’t deny the fact that she was a novice in sex-related issues.

As she remained speechless and bereft of words of defence, she quietly nodded in agreement and walked back to her writing position. She felt so deterred to continue.

Arching forward over her table, she kept thinking and feeling bad.

Morris knew he’d already made an impact, which ended up making him have less concentration in his own work. It was the worst time to write because his mind was utterly distracted. He still didn’t want to apologise to her because he had nothing to apologise for.

Trying to get his mind occupied, he took up Harry Potter book and started reading. As he advanced through the chapters, he got enchanted by the interesting story at the moment. Morris got so drowned into thinking about Juliet at the moment.

He simply didn’t want to end up in a relationship that Juliet was inadvertently dragging him into, even though it wasn’t her fault but nature at work. He almost got insane, fighting through his mind to focus on the sex part of the book without thinking of Juliet but her image seemed to have occupied the entire pages.

The blizzard lingered, the cold threatened and the normal whistling of the birds seemed to be a thing of the past.

Everything was almost coming to a halt because of the snow.

It was time for Morris to talk to her, after that long meditation and indecision. Going into her room, he met her but she wasn’t reading but thinking. Her fingers were stuck on the computer keyboard as she absently gazed at one spot on the computer screen. It was obvious that she was still consumed by the bitter truth that Morris made her realise.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Morris went closer and held her by the shoulder.

This called her back to consciousness. She reacted to his touch with reflexive startles and jitters.

“Sorry for cutting through your deep thoughts,” he apologised and dragged her up because he was assured that she was just doing nothing but gazing.

He held her and took her to the bed and made her sit down.

Juliet was so dispirited and feeling weary.

“I’m not sure I can continue writing this,” she said with depression.

“What I said was true, but that shouldn’t discourage you,” he urged, “I even came to talk about sex and life. It’s been long I had sex and I’m beginning to forget that part of me, but I feel it and I need it,”

“What’re you trying to say?” she pre-emptively asked and shifted her weight a little bit away from him to really observe the expression of his face. “I hope it’s not what I’m thinking,”

“And if it’s what you’re thinking?” he asked, “What will be my crime?”

“Then I’ll be forced to bolt into the cold and will never come back because I’m not ready,” she said. Even though she was unyielding, she really wasn’t sure if she meant it.

At that point, Juliet and Morris were in the same boat in the fight against the inevitable lewd feelings they had for each other.

Even though Morris wanted to have sex with Juliet, he didn’t want to do that but the urge kept pushing him harder against his wish.

Juliet wasn’t sure of her objections but she really wanted to have him inside her so badly but was befuddled about her decision.

Those battles of emotions got them silenced for a long time without saying anything. The more they waited, the more they felt the passion and urge that flared between them.

Juliet was already dripping wet, which was more intense because of the wintry weather.
Morris couldn’t reply to her question but had to force himself out from her room forthwith. He went back to his room and covered himself with the blanket. He remained calm for some time as he forced his eyes to close, but the mind never obeyed because it’s the mind that sleeps, not the eyes.

As he was twirling on the bed, he was troubled and fidgety. In a jiffy, Juliet suddenly appeared, putting on just translucent mind-blowing lingerie. She quickly crawled up to him on the bed.

Feeling a weight pushing down the mattress, Morris opened his eyes and beheld the most unimaginable and irresistible scene of his life.

His cock was so active and reactive, pulling the strings that connected his eyes to his dick and causing an abrupt erection that kept growing firmer in seconds. Without delay, he pushed away the blanket to welcome her.
The sexy blonde arched over him, looking lasciviously into his eyes.

She lowered her head until her lips found his wet lips and got locked in a tongue to tongue kiss. A passionate romance ensued between them, with her nipple rolling between his thumbs and getting firmer.

He loosened her hair making it to freely dangle over his face. Her long hair got him covered up as they kissed. He slowly took a journey around her body until he finally got to her loins and made a brief stopover by her sexy pink thong.

Moving closer in search, he felt her wet pussy through the wet thong and slowly tugged the strings. He pushed it one side and found his way into her snatch. She was so wet, with her clits standing firm and erect.

His firm shaft fought tirelessly inside the boxers, seeking an exit, knocking hard against Juliet’s thigh and clearly announcing its presence and preparedness.

Feeling the seductive nods from his heavy pulsating javelin, she slowly took her hands to the bulge and felt the cockhead which already gave its prints as a sigh of its readiness to exercise with her juice box.

He started fingering her juicy pussy. Fingering her juice box made her feel so good and seduced.

She opened her legs wider to welcome him completely into her secret world as he poked through her slippery kitty, getting his hands bedraggled with that sweet-scented milky juice.

They fellated each other, creating a gratifying pleasance that carted them into the limbo of high libido. The transcendental oral stimulation encased them completely in pleasure, making them slowly get each other totally naked.

Morris’s man-sword jumped out gallantly when it was finally freed from the shackles of the boxers.

Juliet was wowed, seeing the huge shaft that was about to get her walls well scratched. She freed his lips and went down to his nipple and started running her tongue over the enthusiastic perky nipples. Feeling his manly macho, she spent much time licking his chest until she found her way down to his abs, getting his hair nudged for a while before she went down to have the heavy unsheathed sword.

She wrapped the huge cock in her mouth and got it warm with her spittle.

She felt so occupied and choking because of the largeness of the throbbing dick. She couldn’t just believe that a man could have such a big cock which made her heart race faster as she thought of how arduous it could be when he finally finds his way into her tight pussy.

To get the blowjob easier and more interesting, she got it completely salivated and continued fellating his dickie.

Feeling idle for the moment, Morris made her sit on his face for a ‘69’ sex position. He used his tongue to slowly play around her clits before finally taking a bold entrance into her wet snatch.

“Oh, my…..” she moaned as his slithery tongue created an intersection which got her pleasured.

She sat comfortably on his face so that his tongue could have a pleasurable interaction with her cunt.

Juliet got his dick well positioned in her mouth; letting the strong cockhead do some exercise in her mouth.

“You got it. Suck me harder,” he encouraged, moving his waist forward to meet her mouth.

The licking service between them became competitive as they gave each other good heads, getting the passionate moods high and endearing. The candlelit room provided warmth that encouraged the romance that was needed between them
After long fellatio, Morris made her lie on her back, sucked her cunt one more time before he slowly started caressing her wet cunt with his veiny cock. As he did that, he got it ready as he secured a perfect agreement between the genitals before finding his way into her pussy.

Juliet spread her legs to welcome him but she still breathed with uncertainty because she wasn’t sure that she could conciliate his cock fully. “Please, take it easy on me,” she pleaded with fear and pleasured.

Morris held his shaft by the based and brushed his cockhead against her clits, getting her wetter and ready. Slowly, he started taking a forward movement, which wasn’t easy for her but nothing that she couldn’t handle.

The more he advanced, the more receptive she was until he was completely accepted into her cunt.

Being fully swallowed by her, he started a slow in and out movement until she was loosened enough to receive the heavier poundings. He started hammering on her as if he wanted to get her slit torn apart.

She was happy that she could get his shaft completely buried inside her cunt but it got her into the strange land of pleasurable pains as he banged heavily and continuously without pause.

“You like it?” he asked, biting his lips as he kept hammering on her without delay.

“Continue,” she managed to voice in pleasurable anguish.

Turning her around, he made her rest her feet on the floor, with her hands on the bed, offering her butts and ready for him to enter from the back. Smacking her ass for a while as he got her wetted up, he slowly pushed his weight through her honey pot, getting her walls well occupied.

As he was assured of his full presence inside her, he started shoving deeper.

With a firm grip on her hip, he drew her closer to meet his cock as he pounded. He kept screwing hard until she began to feel the hotness that got her cunt clobbered.

For about an hour and more, he was still busy inside her, getting her completely dragged to the Promised Land. Amid that arduous exercise, he didn’t show any sign of exhaustion.

As he expected his explosion, his eyes turned red and his body turned yellow and pale. That revelation of his vampiric nature made Juliet afraid, but she still got it covered by closing her eyes to avoid seeing those scary looks on his face that reminded him of how intimidating some vampires could be.

After a longer penetration, he had an explosion of orgasm and pushed his thick cum inside her, getting her filled with the thick nutritious milk.

Feeling thoroughly satisfied, they slept off as they cuddled each other on the bed.

To be continued…


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