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Naija Sweet



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(Written by Okafor Erasmus Ugochukwu)

Chapter three


It was surprising that the snowing weather lingered into the seconda day and wasn’t showing any sign of stopping.

As Juliet was busy trying to do the dishes, Morris was secretly getting busy reading her romantic stories.

Morris couldn’t believe how horny he felt reading through those erotic lines of the sex scene.

Juliet was so good in being descriptive, carrying the reader along with the erotic mood that the story offered. At first, he was being careful to avoid being caught but the interesting sex scene caught his eyes affixed and stuck to the screen, forgetting that he was simply sneaking around to remain incognito.

Juliet suddenly entered and met Morris, which startled him. He already knew that she was upset and didn’t give her the chance to reveal her mood. She left immediately without uttering a word.

Juliet was very upset but didn’t know how to start venting her anger. She was determined to retaliate accordingly using her computer skills. Being vengeful was the method she had to adopt in order to make Morris pay.

Morris’s computer wasn’t hidden at all but positioned in his living room which was easy for Juliet to lay her hands on. She was determined to go through the computer and get any information she could.

When Morris was in the bathroom, Juliet sneaked into his living room and saw his emails, with a couple of messages. She read through the emails and was shocked about her findings; most of the emails were all about the same subject; asking Morris to come back and take the position of the leader of the Vampires. It was mind-blowing emails which got her overstrung even though she tried to be normal, believing that she could be hallucinating, but it was real.

The entire feelings started dawning on her that vampirism was real, against her belief that it was just a myth and things used to scare the little children. As she was trying to come to terms with what she was staring at, Morris’s footsteps announced his arrival into the living room. She suddenly sneaked out from his room back to her room.

She was so disturbed thinking about the emails, which sent her mind to oblivion, obscurity and total obfuscation.

She absently went back to her computer table, hunched over the computer and tried forcing her mind to remain focused but all to no avail because her distressed mind couldn’t allow her to concentrate at all. Mixed feelings of fright, disbelief, and courage overtook her at the moment.

When Morris passed across the entrance door to her room, he looked into her room and noticed that she was just gazing at her computer screen without concentrating. He entered.

“You seem unrelaxed, dear,” he observantly said, still feeling the guilt of reading through her romantic story, “I’m sorry for reading through your work, but it wasn’t meant to happen the way you saw it. Incidentally, my eyes got pinned to the sex scene which was all-consuming and inviting. I’m sorry for that,”

At this point, Juliet didn’t know how to tell him what she just discovered because it wasn’t easy and she didn’t even know how to bring those questions forward.

Heaving a deep sigh after fighting over those thoughts, she turned towards him and forced a fake smile, and then asked: “Is vampirism real?”

Morris was daunted when he heard that question from her which got his eyes narrowed into thoughts as he tried to connect the dots.

“Why this suddenly question?” he asked curiously. Knitting his eyebrow to think, he just remembered that he left his computer without logging out. “Oh, my God” he muttered and quickly went into his room and discovered that Juliet had actually had a full access to his emails, even the unread ones.

He came back to the meet her feeling so busted and confused; he remained calm and sat beside her.

She already knew how he felt judging from his body language, which was sufficient to answer the question she asked earlier. She already knew that Morris was a vampire and couldn’t deny it.

“For how long have you been a vampire?” she asked straightforwardly with great fear as she waited for his answers.

“One hundred years plus now,” he maundered with a nod, without mincing words “I’ve been into this for many years, which was the main reason why I came down to this house to be free from the vampire’s world and whatever that is associated with it,”

“It’s okay, at least you’re being honest with me,” she said, trying to make him feel better because he seemed withdrawn, “I never believed in vampires, though I’ve read so much about them and the things they could do. Am I trying to believe that you have those extraordinary strengths and every other thing I’ve read about them?”

“Your guess is as good as mine,” he said and forced a smile from those lips clasped together, “I’ve been the leader of my clan for about fifty years but throughout my tenure in that position, I never had time for myself. It was all about total dedication to making vampires happy. This was the main reason why I am here; to avoid some of those disturbances that come with the position of a leader. I know you must be feeling so strange but the only asset I have now is sincerity,”

He sounded so human and sober, making Juliet feel piteous amid her fears.

“It’s okay, but at least you’ve moved on, that’s what matters,” she said.
“I spent time trying to make the world a better place for the vampires and its generations. All my efforts really worked and I was happy at a point but I discovered that I was being badgered a lot against what I thought. Waking up one calm evening, I made up my mind to resign from the position. Before my assumption into the position, the former leaders never stayed long in their tenures, but since I took up the mantle of leadership, all the electioneering processes ceased to exist, with the people unanimously accepting my leadership and avoiding new appointments. It took me about fifteen years to come to terms with the fact that I was helping the people to my detriment,”

“Wow, you should be such a good leader,” she said and held his hands, making him feel comforted, “I’m proud of you and I mean this. For the people to want you to remain in that position even after spending loads of years being there, you must have been a miracle to them. Even though you complain about the position, from the expression on your face, I observe that you still miss being a leader,”

“You seem to be a mind reader,” he bashfully said, “but my quest for freedom outweighs any other thing, so I don’t need to go back,”

“So, what do you want to do?” she asked.

“I want to be left alone. When I came down here and saw you, I was angry because I didn’t want to have any company at all, but now I’m beginning to feel that I’d have made a mistake of my life if I’d allowed you leave that very night. Thanks to the snow,” he humoured with a long grin, “What’s your discipline?”

“I am a Doctorate holder in psychology,”

“Wow…no wonder you read minds efficiently even without being a vampire,”

“Do I?” she asked and smiled.

“Of course, and I admire it,”

“But the host of emails still solicit for your attention,” she reminded him, “I suggest that you become a writer to reduce the cumbersomeness of talking to many people individually, but with books you can reach to many people at once, especially using the FAQ methods. Those good counsels should be put in a book. You can name it ‘Vamp-solutions,” she suggested, “or you can name it. ‘The Book of life …Prospects and challenges’,”

Morris was really thrilled at her shrewdness and good reasoning. He was really beginning to fall in love with her against his plans of staying alone and avoiding humans.

“I really love those suggested name,” he gleefully said, “but why did you call it the book of life?”

“Because it encompasses much about the life of vampires and how to be happy being one,” she answered and knitted her brow, “am I wrong?”

The moment was beginning to be passionate and friendly. Morris felt so beatified as if he was just at the exact place he was meant to be, and with the right company at the right time.

The feelings were mutual; Juliet found Morris so attractive. She loved being around him but thinking about the vampire side of his life makes her have that tingle of indifference.

“Thanks so much. I’ll definitely start working on the project immediately, believing that under your auspices, I’d get the work completed,” he said, “I was turned into a vampire by a patient in the hospital on his sick bed. By then, I was a medical doctor,”

“Wow, a medical doctor?” she exclaimed.

“Yeah…but that was many years ago…since I became a vampire, I gave up that profession…I miss it sometimes but can’t go back to it. Not anymore”

“That’s cool,” she said and rolled her eyes, “it’s a matter of choice and decision…as long as you can live with it,”

He cleared his throat and continued, “Sometimes I think it could be my destiny being a vampire but sometimes I feel it could be worst. It’s not just easy to see the people you care about to die before you while you remain undead, mourning their losses. I sometimes miss death and wish to have a stake piercing through my chest,”

That part left both of them into the heavy hands of reminiscence, thinking through how ugly it could end if they ended up falling in love with each other. The goodbye part of the relationship isn’t worth thinking about because it’s extremely nostalgic.

“Let’s not think about it for now,” she suggested, “can we talk about other important things?”

Morris forcefully accepted, but it still hurt him to have his mind flashing all the way to the end of Juliet’s life.

They both started working on their projects. This offered ample time to them because it was a moment to give chitchats some break and be focused on their writing works.

Morris really loved Juliet’s suggestion because he found it easier communicating to whole lots of vampires at the same time through writing the book. It was easier and time-saving than taking his time saying one thing all over again to different groups at different times.

In reply to the emails that kept storming his computer, he assured them all of a solution coming so soon. He urged them to be patient because he’d soon make them smile.

To be continued….


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