June 19, 2021

Naija Sweet



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(Written by Okafor Erasmus Ugochukwu)

Chapter One

**silence is golden**

When one is deeply in love with quietness, he must definitely find it in most unpleasant and unexpected places but could that be same for Morris More?

Life could be blissful and endearing but not when monotony and boredom set in. This was the case of Morris More who’d spent most part of his life as a vampire occupying leading positions but getting his mind bored with solving problems for his kind. He spent more time leading and solving people’s problem more than he spent knowing what to do with his own life. That was his story and that was his palaver.

Morris was a hundred-year-old vampire; average in height, slender and handsome, but being a bodybuilding freak, he’d developed attractive abs and macho, which could make any lady that passes him to have the second look. He was so enshrouded in thoughts of achieving results and making life better for his kind.

He left no stone unturned, to see that he avoided humans by all means because he believes that they are weak vessels because they give in to love and emotions, which he termed emotional roadblock.

For the first time, he was determined to live a life not spent on being interviewed; a life devoid of worries and surrounded by a noisy silence.

As he reminisced on his past life which brings mixed feelings of delight and nostalgia, he smiled ruefully for the no living but not dead. He wasn’t ready to be occupied by round the clock bug from the undead, especially those who were newly transformed into vampires and needed to learn the skills of getting over the strange nature that takes some time to be surmounted.

The characteristics and features that keeps Morris busy grooming the newly turned include; Pale skin, predisposition to the sun, visual sensitivity to light sources; having a better nocturnal vision; the alteration of the colour of the eye which goes with the mood for no just reason; the enhanced sense which makes all the body senses over-active; excessive strengths that couldn’t be curbed if newly turned; quick reflexes ; getting famished or thirsty in unusual ways; the extreme thirst for certain types of food and unquenchable taste for blood; untold weariness, even after eating; frequent headaches that comes for no apparent reason; not being able to sleep well or sleep at all, especially at night; the ability to heal faster and being overtaken by a flu that medical explanations couldn’t find solutions to. All these were the nature that made the newly turned to need Morris ’s attention but he wasn’t ready to continue doing such anymore, especially after spending a glob of his life as part of the government governing the vampires.

There was an old house in Kentucky, built by the mountain’s view, located in the woods, with the best weather. This was like a bequest to Morris from the family line. The house was old but inviolable and defiled all unpleasant and treacherous weather conditions which made it so cherished by the family; though deserted for a couple of years. It was time for Morris to make use of it to enjoy the lonesome life he craved for. This will help him shake off the dust of disturbances from the undead that’d taken over his life in Lazio for quite a while.

Juliet Peters, a voluptuous but an intelligent Doctorate graduate of psychology from Northern Kentucky University had finally decided to excavate that part of her life that had been forgotten for long because of her academic fights.

In that quest, she’d always been keen to writing amatory books, though she was a novice about romance but through reading books, she’d ascertained much about relationships and romance but never had any serious romantic encounter with a guy who could treat her like his queen and assure her that love is worth giving a chance.

In her pursuit for a cool environment to offer her the opportunity to write her first romantic story, she discovered the old house at upstate Kentucky, where she met John Culio who offered her a job at the Kentucky to be a steward which could bring back life to the old abandoned house that craves for a human’s attention.

Juliet was tall and slim, with shapely hip and perky boobs. She was so introspective that she never liked socialites or anything that could bring her to public eyes. She found it hard to mix up with many people except with books. The only people she could mix up with are her clients who come to her for psychic related issues.

On that winter, it was snow-clad trees when she arrived. She came down to the Kentucky; according to the agreement that she had with John Culio to be the occupier of the house.

Entering the old cobwebbed house made her feel so happy and close to the fulfilment of her writing dreams. Naturally, Juliet believed that vampires’ stories were just untrue but simply myths shared by people.

Actually, she wanted to write about vampire romance but she considered it too unrealistic and illusive, hence changing her mind for the medieval romance fiction.

The house was wide and cool. It was surprising to her to see how neat and well arranged it was amid those cobwebs and unfriendly threatening spiders that occupied the house.

Juliet really had some work to do. She took her time and got the house, cleaned it up to her satisfaction. Towards the window side with a perfect view of the mountain covered with the pure snow, she found the spot perfect for setting up her table and computer system, for writing her romantic story.

After getting everywhere neatly arranged, she smiled happily and sat on the wooden chair, feeling the texture with her soft ass. It was really cool. It was time to fix her dinner after spending the entire day on the arduous cleaning job.
As she cleaned the house that night, she felt the presence of a company, but she didn’t see anyone around.

Filled with goose bumps, she checked the windows and made sure that it was really safe; of course, she wasn’t the girl that easily gets panic-stricken, no matter the situation.

That was just a nocturnal animal, probably lurking in the woods and hunting for food…she thought
She closed back her window and continued fixing the dinner.

Taken her time, she went around the room and admired how cosy and sweet it looked; a perfect writing environment, free from noise and human perturbations. The house was exactly what she expected and wanted.
On her first night, she lay on the bed covered with a pink-coloured duvet, perfect for the wintery weather. In order to get the warmth, amid that snowy weather, she snuggled in the duvet to keep warm, with thoughts of her days as one of the best graduates in Kentucky getting her mind occupied.

The night was really cold, making silence to seem so loud. Silence flooded the room. She loved the solitude but her joy was always countered by the thoughts of the last day of saying goodbye to her parents whose journey ended in the grave making them not to come back anymore as promised. Her parents ended their lives in during the high magnitude earthquake in Los Angeles.

Trying to blot out the mind-troubling thoughts that suddenly came to steal away her joy for finding the repose she craved for in her new home, she got herself busy with her favourite romantic audio-book with a powerfully romantic storyline. In that quietude, she started thinking.

Buried in those thoughts, she kept wishing she could meet that real man that would drown her in love and show her how she’s cherished and cared for. It was really a moment of deep reflection which slowly propelled her from those romantic thoughts to the dreamland.


Morris was in the business class of the exotic aircraft down to Kentucky and smiling freely after a long time as he remembered stealing away from the burdened life that he was occupied with. For about fifty years, he was the leader of the vampires in Fabrica di Roma.

He’d acquired wealth and controlled many investments but he was willing to give up his wealth and everything just for a moment of ‘freedom’ against the disturbances that his leadership position exposed him to. Those accidental therapies where he took his time to help the new and some older vampires had to come to an end someday. It could be seen as a way of breaking away from responsibilities but freedom was the luxury he couldn’t afford, hence the need to find his way to his old house in upstate Kentucky. He planned to spend a couple of years in such silence to fix his life, which he considered a debacle.

For about one hundred years he’d lived, he never had a time he could call his own if not dedicated to one service to vampirism or the other.
In his first experience of vampirism, Morris was turned by a dying man suffering from incurable influenza. It was on his days of taking pills to his patients in the hospital when he was still active as a medical doctor that he met the old but dying man. After giving him a bite on the neck, he was turned. It was harder for him learning to get used to the strange person he transmogrified to, but those harder ways to learn got him bastioned and knowledgeable in terms of vampirism.

Still, in the business class of the red-eye to Kentucky, he enjoyed a powerful and expensive mature wine of Mexican origin. He really knows how to enjoy his life if he has the opportunity to but he was still tired about life and felt like being alone for a while where he could attend to a couple of vampires but not in thousands as he was saddled with, for the past fifty years.

In a couple of hours, the airplane was at Louisville International Airport. He hired a limo that took him down to upstate Kentucky but by that time, it was already crepuscule which happens to be his best time, not just to him but the entire vampires.

Juliet was busy writing her novel and enjoying the story. It was beginning to snow, and everywhere suddenly turned chilly, but she continued putting her ideas together. As this happened, she suddenly heard some footsteps approaching. She actually thought it was those animals that use to hunt at twilight, but it seemed that the indistinct footsteps were beginning to announce the arrival of a human, not animals.

She shuddered because, for the past few days she’d spent at the apartment, no one had ever visited her, so it was beginning to give her some food for thought.
As she remained prepared to use any weapon she could use if approaching footsteps were really coming from an intruder, she picked a wood, which she uses to chase away smaller animals and waited behind the door.

Juliet was glad that she locked the door, which could make it harder for the intruder to have an easy access into the house.

To her greatest surprise, the keyhole turned, showing that whoever was coming into the house had his or her own keys. Immediately the door was thronged open by the incoming anonymous person, she tried hitting him but Morris was too fast to avoid that, which made her break some glasses.

“What a mess and damage and who’re you?” Morris hollered as his skin turned pale. He felt angry and embarrassed meeting a stranger in his house.

“I’m the owner of this house…sorry…I’m the janitor,” she faltered, “and who’re you, please?”

“I don’t know who you’re but I hate being attacked this way,” he maundered, “and to answer your question; I’m the owner of the house. At least for the reason of being a member of More’s family, I’m the owner,” he answered and kept going into the room to drop his effects.

“How am I sure of this?” she asked interrogatively, “The house belongs to John Culio,”

“Don’t be too sure, woman. Tom is my assistant,” Morris answered querulously and dropped his luggage angrily; “I wouldn’t have a stranger spend the night in my house. Please pack your belongings and go back to wherever you came from. Don’t forget to fix the broken glasses before you leave,”

Juliet felt the arrogance in his voice which made her feel so saddened, but she had no option than to leave. But where would she leave by that time of the night?
It was already late and it wouldn’t be easy for her to leave, so she turned palely at him and said: “Where should I go by this time of the night? In fact, I’m not going anywhere because I’m not sure that this house belongs to you,” she insisted and took her phone and dialled John Culio’s phone number.

When Culio took the call, she angrily reported: “One man here claims to be the owner of the house,”

“Can you give him the phone, please,” John requested.

Juliet thrust the phone angrily into Morris’s palm, “he wants to talk to you,”

Morris hesitantly collected the phone and snorted, “Tom, why didn’t you tell me about this latest arrangement?”

“I’m sorry for that but you can settle things amicably with her,” he apologetically said and hung up.

“Pack your things and get out immediately,” Morris sternly warned and handed her phone back to her just the way she gave it to him, “you need evidence and you just got a huge one. So, get your ass out,”

Juliet felt bad but had no option. She angrily looked at Morris while those tears were already blurring her eyes. She shrugged and said: “you’re mean and wicked,”

Morris didn’t feel concerned but started unpacking his luggage while Juliet packed hers to leave.

To be continued…


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