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Two weeks to resumption date, fausat began to call me, she said I should come back, she was terribly missing me and she wants me back so I could help in packing her belongings to the new house. Me, it has always been a norm for me to come back 2 weeks after resumption. I don’t know how fausat will take it if I tell her that i still have till 4 more weeks to come back. Me too don dey miss the girl sef, I chat with seyi often, even seyi told me that she will be coming back 3 days to resumption. I don’t want her(seyi) to notice or see me helping fausat to pack her things. That alone made me change my mind, and I came back a week later in the warm and loving hands of fausat. Even though I wasn’t having much feelings for seyi, I still pretend to love her.
The day I came back, barely 2 hours I came back to Abeokuta, fausat came to see me.

She hugged me so tight as if her life depended on it. She brought turkey and some cooking stuff when she was coming, and she cooked a nice vegetable soup and bought fufu. The gift she claimed that she has for me was an iphone 5. I was so happy, I have dreamt of having the phone, hoping that one day it will be a reality; the reality was finally there. She said her dad got two for her so she’s giving me one.

The next day we began the real work at her new house in gate. We went to the market and shops to get some items that she would need, including a television, decoder, home theater and many more. After arranging the house, the house was looking good.

The next day fausat came to my house, she got me some clothes. I was surprised how she knew my size. When I asked her, she claimed she has been with me for a long time so why won’t she know my clothes size, and even my shoe size. She took me to one provision store at sapon. We got some provisions for herself and me. She got some other stuffs for herself. We headed back home with nylon stuffed bags full of provisions and some female stuff. I dropped at somorine while she left for gate; the taxi was even chattered by her. I got home and met a surprise. Seyi was back.

As I opened the gate, I saw her cleaning up her dusty plates at the veranda. Immediately she saw me, she ran towards me and hugged me so tight as if her life depended on it. I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting to see her that day. The former day we chatted, she told me she will be coming in the next day, and not that present day. Fausat had already said she will be coming to my house to spend the night with me.

As she hugged me, I was motionless, I couldn’t utter a word; she freed me immediately. “Ah ah, what’s the problem. Or are you surprised that I came back today,” she asked me, I tried to force myself to smile; even though I was smiling, it didn’t come out from my mind. She took my bag from me and opened it, she saw what was inside, she said I should have told her before buying all those stuff. She said she got almost all the provisions that both of us will need. I wanted to tell her it was fausat that bought it for me, but changed my mind. What would she say and how will she take it when I tell her it was fausat. I don’t think she would take it likely. I don’t want her to start insinuating another thing, perhaps I know I have made up my mind to break the relationship between us, but I want to do it gradually and slowly. We went into her room, I met the surprise of my life, she brought provisions, foodstuffs and many things for me, she said it was her dad that brought her with their car. Mehn, I go chop tire, infact this two girls(fausat and seyi) wants to spoil me with gifts. Looking at what she (seyi) brought, I felt I had let her down, I became weak, I felt pity for her because my heart was no longer with her. I still would want to be with seyi, I am trying to bring back that love I had for her when I first met her, but it seems the love was lost. I couldn’t find it. How I wish I could, she loves me so much. During the period she was showing me all the stuff she bought for me, I was cold towards her. She asked me what was wrong with me, if I was okay because I was too cold towards her. After showing me all the things, she asked me to help fix some of her wall hanger and some few damages in her room. I willingly did it for her.

I later sent a text to fausat telling her that I will rather come over to her place to spend the night, she shouldn’t because seyi was back. Fausat got angry immediately. She said it was high time I leave seyi and move into his apartment. I saw her point because she was deeply worried that she’s still sharing me with seyi. She just wants me to herself only. She said it was high time I bust the bubble to seyi, I should just tell her it was over and, she was tired of all the hide and seek games we were playing. I tried talking with her, to make her see reasons but she hung up on me. 3hours later, she called back and apologized for hanging up on me. I was about leaving for Gate to fausat house when seyi walked into my room. She asked where I was going to, I told her I was going to check a friend in the other street, she said I should at least stay and spend some time with her, since it’s been long we saw last. Yeah she was right, but I don’t really have feelings for her any more, even though I haven’t told her. I told her that I wasn’t going to spend too much time were I was going, so I would be back shortly. She insisted on following me, I told her it was a guy thing and assured her it was just important we see, talk for just a short time and then return to be with her. I lied, I wasn’t going to return. I spent the night in fausat place at gate. It was one of the most memorable night of my life. Fausat’s apartment was great, cool. And there was constant power supply. With everything that happened, I became anxious of moving in to join her. Though she was mounting pressure on me; I guess it was high time I take the decision, let seyi know that I was no longer in love with her again. All throughout the night, my phone was switched off, I didn’t want to receive seyi’s call. I know seyi will be worried. As I was going back home, I thought about the first day I laid my eyes on seyi, that first love for her that struck me, all that had faded away. I was asking myself how. I thought of what seyi will do when I tell her that I want a break-up; she loves me so much, I loved her but, that was then, that love had varnished. I am now thinking of a new life with Fausat. I got to the house, immediately I entered the gate, seyi was sitting on a bench on the veranda, I guess she was worried and was waiting for me to come in. She ran towards me immediately, I thought she wanted to slap me but no, she hugged me, “where have you been since. I have been trying your line but it was switched off,” she said. I told her I slept over at my friends place. “You should have atleast called me, you got me worried” she said, I told her I was sorry but there was no network coverage at the area. I lied to her, I told her that the friend I went to visit, took me to another friend’s place, and there was no network, and we couldn’t come back, we had to sleep over. She took me to her room. She was just talking of how she tried my mobile number several times, called couple of my friends to know if I was with them. I kept mute as she talked. She noticed I was not talking as she talked, “What is wrong with you, are you okay” she asked, “I want us to break up,” I replied her. She looked at me as if I was joking. “Stop joking around joor, na hunger dey do you this, you better wait let me cook so you eat” she said to me. As she stood up to leave my presence, I held her left hand and dragged her back, “I am d–n serious, let’s just go our separate ways” I said to her. She laughed out loud, “leave my hand joor, I have something on fire, let me go and check it before you start all this your play” she said again; “am moving into Fausat’s house by Saturday” I said, immediately she hear that, she turned around and faced me, our eyes met, I saw those emotions in her eyes, the pain that I have disappointed her. “why, how manage, when, what are you saying” she screamed; she was finding it difficult to alter words out of her mouth. i released my hands on hers, I left for my room, she followed me immediately, as I entered my room, she followed me, “wait, I want to understand what you are saying” she said, “you mean you are leaving me for fausat” she said again, “yes” I replied; “Is this a joke or what” she asked, I didn’t know what to say again as I looked into her eyes as tears was rolling down her cheeks. I knelt down, held her two toes, begging her to forgive me. I know she felt betrayed and disappointed in me. Even me sef dey feel bitter. Looking at her sharing those tears in my presence, I wished that love I once had for her will come back. Indeed I have truly betrayed her, how I wish I could find a way of making it up to her. She turned and left my room, leaving me still kneeling down. I stood up, brought out some of those things she bought for me, took them to her room, she was sitting on her reading chair holding a picture we took together. I dropped those things on her table. As I was leaving, she called my name, I turned to her, “so you are serious that you are leaving me” she asked, I was totally speechless, I don’t know how to answer her. I was still looking into her eyes, “Yes I am” I said, I turned around and left.
30 minutes later, I was passing by her room, going outside to fetch water from the well, I heard her crying. I felt pity for her; but I just have to go, let me not waste her time.
Two days later, early in the morning, seyi’s knock on the door woke me up. I opened the door and she came in. She said since I wanted a break up, well she will let me be but only in one condition. She asked if I remembered the first day she agreed to date me, how I carried her on my arms from the gate into my room. She said I should be carrying her like that from her room to the gate every morning when she’s ready to go to school, for 7days. With that, I was free to go with fausat. I thought about her condition, if I refuse, she won’t do me anything but, I felt like accepting it. I want to do it for her, for the sake of the love we had shared in the past. I accepted, she left my room immediately. I went and took my bath, took my breakfast and left for school.

I was in school when fausat called me, she asked me where I was, I told her I was at the ATM stand, close to Library in school. She said she was coming to meet me there. 5 minutes later, behold gorgeous, beautiful fausat walking towards me. All eyes were on us as she hugged me so tightly. She wore a black jean trouser with a pink beautiful short sleeve top. She has this fine face and a beautiful body. After withdrawing, both of us left for tantiz to take our launch. As we were going, all eyes were on us. The way she was walking and smiling with me, that sweet confidence she oozes; people were just looking at us. As we got to motion ground heading to tantiz, we saw seyi seated ontop of the block seat students normally seat on. She was stirring at us as we walked by. I felt pity for her; fausat saw her and laughed in a mocking tone. She was so gentle and cool as she seated.

The next morning was Tuesday, I already knew that seyi had a class by 8am. She had already finished preparing, she stood at the entrance of the flat, it seems she was already waiting for me. I had earlier accepted her conditions and that day was the day I would start. It was about 6:47am. As I saw her, “good morning” she greeted me, “how was your night” I asked, she didn’t even bother to answer that; “waiting for you” she said. I stretched out my right hand towards her shoulder area and the other to her kneel. I carried her. As I carried her out of the flat, heading to gate, my neighbors who were outside saw us and began to laugh, hailing us, “love nwantiti” one of the elderly man there said, only if they knew that that the love has gone sour, and that all was not well with us. I dropped her outside the gate and came inside while she left for school.

I repeated the second day, third, fourth and, on the fifth day was a Saturday, I didn’t know where she was going that morning, but she was all dressed up as at 8am, I was washing my cloths outside when she came to tell me that she was ready. I greeted her, she didn’t even answer me. She turned her back and left after telling me she was ready. I rinsed my hands and followed her. I know she was pained, she has the right to be because I have disappointed her, I failed her when I left her, I allowed my friends to mock her because I was cheating on her. As I carried her, I noticed she had lost some weight, she was so lite on my hands. She must have been thinking and worrying so much that she doesn’t even know that she was losing weight.
The 6th day was a Sunday, I carried her to the gate. When one of my neighbor’s 6 year old daughter saw us, she started laughing and said, “uncle is carrying aunty seyi” I smiled when she said it.

The final day was a Monday, it was a public holiday. I just woke up, as I was browsing on my phone, a text came in, it read “am ready,” it was from seyi. I checked the time and it was 7:15am, I didn’t know where she was going. I stood up, I went outside my room and saw her at her door, she wore a very beautiful gown. I could remember, I accompanied her to the place she went to buy it. The gown was sleeveless with beautiful flowering stripes and designs. The first time we went out together as lovers, that was what she wore and all eyes were on us that day as we walk down the streets of somorine. “You are looking gorgeous” I said to her, “Thank you” she replied. “How was your night” she asked. I was surprised she asked how my night was, because on previous days when I started carrying her, she doesn’t even ask me. This day, I noticed that her countenance changed, she seems to be in a good mood. I told her my night was great. I carried her, she has indeed lost some more weight. As I was taking her to the gate, she was looking into my eyes, our eyes were just gazed at each other. One singular thing on my mind was, “God please let this thing not happen,” Is this the end of the union! Some kind of strange thoughts and imaginations started popping up on my mind. Immediately I dropped her outside the gate, she left. It looked as if I was free, I felt relieved. I realized that the decision I want to take at that moment was right and was the best. I had to rush inside the house and prepare as fast as possible, do it before I change my mind. I took my bath and off I went to gate. Immediately I got to fausat’s house, I knocked at the door, she asked who was that, I told her it was me, she rushed out immediately as if she was waiting for me. She was going to hug me but I resisted. I flipped her body away, “am sorry, am no longer interested in this relationship, am going back to seyi,” I said. She laughed, “stop all these nonsense joor,” she said. She asked me to come inside but I refused. “Are you serious” she asked. “yes I am” I replied. She landed a slap on my right cheek. Well I deserve it, I caused it because I belittled myself, I brought it upon myself when I started double dating. I turned around and I was leaving the place. Fausat was calling me but I never answered. I left the place and left it for good, never to come back there again. I went to a friend’s place to stay, I know fausat must surely come to the house to check on me, so I didn’t go back home.
2 days later, I made up with seyi, the love of my life; together we shall be.

——-The End——

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