June 19, 2021

Naija Sweet



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She was speaking in Yoruba while I spoke in English; I couldn’t speak much of Yoruba but understood what she spoke to me. She was just so free with me, she asked if I was Yoruba, I told her I wasn’t. “No wonder you can’t reply me in Yoruba” she said in English. She was so fluent. We began chatting and I was asking her questions about her school.

She said she just finished her WAEC and JAMB examinations and will be expecting the result to be great and, she’s hoping to use the Waec result to gain admission into FCE Osiele. I asked her why not university. She said “University is for big people”, I laughed. I encouraged her, I told her when it’s time, she should buy the Jamb form and pick Funaab. Only if she would listen to me. We talked for about an hour that I began feeling guilty because she left the fish she was supposed to sell, and was talking with me. I really enjoyed the conversation. I told her to go that when she comes the next day, we will continue our discussion. Only if she go meet me for house. Because I had decided to sleep over at a friend’s place.

Two days later in the evening, i and other guys and my girl seyi were outside chatting and playing when fausat ran inside from the gate, we almost stood up from our seats to run inside, thinking it was danger, and something was chasing her. Not until I saw her smiling and laughing as she ran towards me and hugged me so tightly as if her life depended on it. Other guys were just standing and watching. Even seyi was kind of uncomfortable; who wouldn’t be, when a girl just went straight and hug your boyfriend right in your presence. She released me immediately, smiling, with joy on her face. I felt maybe she had won a lottery. “Aunty seyi good evening”, she greeted seyi. She also greeted other guys. Deji answered her with a mocking tone. The girl sef no send. She said she just went to check her result, and guess what, she had credit in all the courses she wrote. Everybody screamed in happiness. Fausat had managed to warm her way into our hearts in that compound. Even my girl seyi likes her. Everybody except but deji, likes her. Even though she sells fish, she comes around most times to chat with us. I really admired her “curiosity to learn.” She is not shy, she’s very beautiful that sometimes, other funaab students in other compound follow, toast her, but she refuses. Seyi started advising her to take away her mind from going to FCE Osiele. She should take Jamb and come to Funaab(Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta).
As time went on, Fausat became freer with almost everyone. She comes around and anytime seyi was free, she gives her some tutorial lessons.

This particular Saturday, other guys had earlier travelled on Friday. Seyi went to RCCG Redemption camp and, she would go to Lagos from there. I was the only one in the flat. Fausat came around at about 1:15pm. She asked after seyi, I told that seyi travelled. She knew that seyi and I are dating. She said she was having some difficulties with some Jamb past questions. Well I took her to my room. That was not the first time she was coming into the room, but that day’s entry was special. I taught her for an hour, I became tired of teaching. I jokingly told her she should take it to her boyfriend to teach her the rest. She laughed, she said she doesn’t have a boyfriend; as a matter of fact, she has not dated any guy or had sex since she was born. I was shocked when she said that. I wondered how such a pretty girl like her, because she’s so d–n pretty with a good shape, men trembling at her feet, wanting to just have a piece of her. I asked her how old she was, she said she was 20. This is the first time I was asking her about some intimate and personal details about her life. She told me that many guys have been toasting her but she doesn’t like them. She said the guys are bad and rough, but she loves a gentle man, cool, calm like me. Immediately she said that, my heart did, “gbim gbim gbim.” In excitement, it was as if my bowels were rolling. Looking at Fausat, one may think she’s not sensible and smart, but gush, she’s intelligent and smart and, she knows what she’s doing. Since she started her tutorials in our house, she no longer speak Yoruba language much. She speaks more of English. “Don’t worry, I will marry you” I replied her. She laughed, “noooo, I don’t want aunty seyi to kill me ooo” she said; I smiled. She said that am a great guy and seyi was lucky having me as her boyfriend and, if not that I was with seyi, if I ask her out, she would gladly accept. I was surprised hearing that from her mouth. She indeed loves me. But I am not a woman player, am not into multiple women as such, I believe in one woman for a man. But the devil has a way of manipulating situations to his own favour. Something in me told me that that was my opportunity. If it were to be Deji or the other guys, dem no go dull at all, dey would jump into the offer. I started having some bad thoughts in me, my body temperature rose immediately, it looked like electric energy. That kind of energy will solve Nigerian’s electricity problems for one whole year. I thought about it again. Since me and seyi have never had sex since we started dating. She said she’s keeping herself till marriage and I love it and respect her for that. She really loves me so much and I do too. Looking at Fausat, body no be firewood and I must do it now or never, I thought to myself. She was sitting on my reading chair while I laid on my bed. I no wan dull myself. I noticed that women are fragile and changes their mind easily. If you notice that a woman loves you, press on immediately and go to her at that time, because if you go later, she might change her mind. I stood up, went straight to where she was sitting and began kissing her; behold she responded, she wanted it. Before we knew what was happening, we ended up on bed and the deed was done. It felt like heaven, I enjoyed it, she did too even though it was her first time. I took out the mattress to wash due to the blood stains.

After the act that day, I began falling in love with fausat. The love I had for seyi began to die. Fausat never seized. She always come back for more. Sometimes I do ask her to come when nobody was around when it comes to sex. In the presence of everyone in the house, we pretend as if nothing was going on, but in secret we do the do.
This act kept on going on that the attention I give to seyi reduced, I love seyi with all my heart, but there is something about fausat that is holding me bound, I can’t break loose; maybe it’s the sex, because I enjoy every moment with her. I find her more jovial and playful. I called couple of the guys in my house and told them I was s——g fausat but they shouldn’t tell anyone. Immediately I said that, everyone shouted, “heeeeyyyy.” They were surprised how manage I could do that. Because virtually all of them have toasted her, they made advances on her but she turned them down. They wanted to know how I pulled it that it worked. I told them she was the one that made advances at me and I responded. We all know guy talk nah, everyone laughed as I narrated. One of my housemate, james said that, probably she had already loved me from the unset; I guess so because she had always said I was a nice guy. “How about seyi,” dapo one of my housemates asked. “Seyi dey dia” I said as they laughed; “badooo, badoo of life” they all were hailing and shouting.
A week later after Jamb, fausat checked her result and she scored 231. She was so happy when she came to our house. I was the first person she hugged, seyi was there. I know what seyi may be thinking because fausat no longer move close to seyi as before. Each time she comes to the house, she virtually spends most of her time in my room. I was beginning to get bothered that seyi may discover that something is going on between us. I have warned her several times no to be visiting me as much, but she wouldn’t listen. She no longer calls seyi aunty seyi. She calls her by her name, “seyi.” Big girl things. She no dey add uncle for my name again sef as before. I and seyi were sitting on a long bench at the veranda when she came in and jumped on me. As she released me from the hug, she greeted seyi, she held my hand and dragged me into the house heading to my room. I turned my back and discovered that seyi stood and was looking at us as we walked to my room. She looked helpless, shocked like someone who is disappointed in me. She should be because I became the fool for not standing by her. I ignored her while fausat took my hand as we left to my room. I couldn’t help it as the love I have for her was dieing down. It looked as if fausat was now running the show. As we went into the room, we smooched, kissed before she left. It was becoming so glaring to everyone that we were dating. The joy I had each time she comes around; anytime she sees me, she’s so happy.

After fausat left, seyi came to my room, she blasted me with words that other students started coming out of their rooms to know what was going happening. She was deeply embarrassed by what I did. She even accused me of sleeping with fausat. I denied it, she threatened to stop fausat from coming to the house; but would that be possible! I begged for day, even bought her gifts just to appease her. It took 2 weeks for her to forgive me. But that didn’t stop me from continuing my play with fausat. Fausat’s presence was like a virus that infects the mind. Each time am with her, I feel weak and I felt I was beginning to go crazy in love with her, only that I was still managing to stay with seyi out of pity.
As days went by, the distance between i and seyi was becoming wider. My body was with her but my heart was far away from her, she noticed it. She could feel it but she couldn’t stop it. She was helpless. We quarrel sometimes about Fausat. I always deny each time she accuses me of sleeping with her. Fausat finally passed her post UTME. Funaab gave her Business administration which was her chosen course. Though I was kind of worried how she would pay her acceptance fee and other levies, her mom was just a fish seller. That was what they do to feed themselves but, would it be enough for them to raise the cash for all the payments she would make in Funaab! She had earlier told me that her mother gave birth to only her at her teenage age. The man who impregnated her mom was in London. He left for London when she was 5. Since then, they had not set their eyes on him. He didn’t even marry her, (fausat’s mother). According to fausat, she said they (the man and them) do talk on phone and, he was even married to another woman in London. Fausat said he had been promising to come and see her and her mother since over 5 years, but he had never come. He will promise to send money for their up keep but won’t send. With all these, I wondered how she will pay her school fees and other dues, though I promised to help out in the little way I can.

Second semester ended and we went for 3 months break. I made sure I was communicating with seyi to see if that love I had for her when we first started will come back, but it never did. Rather it was dwindling down. Each time I want to think of her, I find myself thinking about fausat, the good moments and sex we had. Sex is indeed powerful. Even as we were far apart physically, I still think of her. We were communicating more often by calls and whatsapp. She gave me a very good news I was happy about. She told me that her runaway father was back in the country, and infact he had rented a 2 bedroom flat for she and her mom in Oke-ilewo and is planning to open up a business for her mom. Though he doesn’t have plans to rekindle the love relationship with her mom but he just wanted the mother of his daughter and the daughter to be fine. Fausat also said he got her a new Iphone 5 and so many things. I was very happy for her. She told me she had a gift for me but she won’t tell me what it was till I was back in Abeokuta. She told me the gift was huge and big. I became anxious of coming back but It was only remaining one month before school resumes. She said her dad was spoiling her and her mother silly with money. He gave her N200,000 for her accommodation and she doesn’t plan to go to hostel. I told her to save some money aside so incase her dad goes back to London and never returns. She said he(father) will return to london but will be sending money on a monthly basis for her upkeep till she graduates, and she will go over to join him in London. I asked her why she doesn’t want to go for the school hostel. She said she had seen a good apartment at the back of sonikarz hostel in gate, and is about N100k and she would love me to move in with her. That was why she doesn’t want to stay in the hostel. I told her I can’t move in with her; and seriously I don’t consider the idea good. She got angry with me and ended the chat immediately. I later called her on phone and told her we would sort it out when I come back. She said she would love me to come back early enough to school immediately school resumes, so I could help arrange some few stuffs in her soon to be new house. I agreed. She sent me N1,500 recharge card. Throughout that period, she was just spoiling me with recharge cards. I no even lack recharge cards sef, she go just dey send am give me.

Two weeks to resumption date, fausat began to call me, she said I should come back, she was terribly missing me and she wants me back so I could help in packing her belongings to the new house. Me, it has always been a norm for me to come back 2 weeks after resumption. I don’t know how fausat will take it if I tell her that i still have till 4 more weeks to come back. Me too don dey miss the girl sef, I chat with seyi often, even seyi told me that she will be coming back 3 days to resumption. I don’t want her(seyi) to notice or see me helping fausat to pack her things. That alone made me change my mind, and I came back a week later in the warm and loving hands of fausat. Even though I wasn’t having much feelings for seyi, I still pretend to love her.
The day I came back, barely 2 hours I came back to Abeokuta, fausat came to see me.


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