June 19, 2021

Naija Sweet


Does She Love Me?????

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I met a girl last year August and we hanged out. I love her and wants to marry her but like you know I can’t just tell her I want to marry her that day. I asked her to b3 my girlfriend which she said let her think about it. She said I should be optimistic that she has a boyfriend but he has graduated and things might not work out. She calls me and shows every sign that things will work out.

The final yes was not forthcoming even with everything. She later told me that she loves me but she taught the relationship she had will end after school but the guy is still pushing hard. She told me about the guy but can’t tell the guy about me.

She later accepted and said yes but I still see that she is not settled in her mind.
She is always jealous when she calls and I didn’t pick or see women around me.

Does this lady really love me or she is just being manipulative?
When a lady tells guy A that there is Guy B, and refuses to tell Guy B that there is Guy A… Who does she love?

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