June 19, 2021

Naija Sweet


Do I Actually Have Feelings For This Girl?

1 min read

I have known this girl for a time now, and for real we have not really talked or things like that, but yes we have made serious mad crazy eye contact.

To cut a long story short one day we just got our feelings into kissing, my hormone was on fire but nothing further.

i meet her again in camp this year and yesterday i really felt she wants me, her best friend told me she likes me, and almost cried for what i wrote on her pillow case.

i think i love her because i had other chances to hooke up with other girls but her name was just ringing in my head.

i want to talk to her but how do i approach her, and yes i have her phone #no and she said i should call her, if i don’t do it today or this week i have a tendency not to ever call again.

Girls/guys abeg i go die ooh

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