June 14, 2021

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Did I Overreacted? My Girlfriend Did This

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Good evening, I stay in a different state from my girlfriend and we see like once in 3 months. She has a tight work schedule and I also do. We also try to make 3 weeks out of December our mini-honeymoon each year. Everything was good because we communicate and tell each other everything. Even if I hang out with female friends or go out on dates due to boredom I do tell her. The one time I kissed a girl due to the fact that I was drunk I told her and I apologized. We had a long fight but we settled.

She also tells me everything even when she go on dates. Because I used to tell her who she can go out with and when she should come back, I encourage her to do this because I always feel she might be bored sometimes and male company is okay as long as they are reasonable fellows.

So lastweek she went out with this fellow she mentioned briefly to me about, and when I called her in the night I noticed she was acting somehow. Usually we talk for two hours every night and she never declines video call? That day she called me earlier than usual, we start our call by 10pm and she called me by 8pm and she told me she will call back. She called again by 11:00 and we did not talk for more than 7 min. When I requested for video call she declined. That was when I knew she was not home. So I texted her that I knew she is not home. She called me back the second day that she just saw my text that she is sorry and that it was because of curfew that she stayed at the guy’s place and all. That she does not know how to tell me blah blah blah. So I broke up with her. And she has been crying and saying sorry since.

I still love her, and I actually believe her story a bit, but I’m still angry. Am I overreacting should I take her back or leave her to enjoy her life.

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