June 19, 2021

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CRAZY FLATMATES (18+) … Episode 8

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Story By Rejoice (AUTHOR KELLY)


After some minutes, Frieda prepared the custard.

They met at the dining table. Frieda kept the meal beside her while Jason kept the book beside him.

They narrowed their eyes at each other.

“I don’t trust you” Jason started.

“Neither do I” Frieda said.
“But we’ll just have to try”

“Don’t make me regret doing this” He said sternly.

“I should be the one saying that”

He pushed the book a little bit forward and she did same to the plate of custard.

“No cheating” she said and pushed the plate to him while he pushed the book to her.

They both got what they wanted.

“Hey, no milk nor sugar” he said loudly.

“Oops” she twitched her lips.
“My bad” she took the book and ran to the room.

“Always been unfair” he mumbled while adding lots of milk to the custard.

Wednesday, a night for open mic.
Frieda anticipated that night. She got up early and prepared for school.

She had a very light breakfast.

On her way back to the room, she bumped into Jason.

“Hey watch it you blind bat” he half yelled.

“Look at you, getting all annoyed” she mocked.

“I don’t expect you to apologize, being rude is your hobby”

“Being mean doesn’t suit you numb nuts. Just try and act nice for once”

She walked out on him.

‘The nerves’ he thought and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

Frieda waited for Sandra for close to ten minutes but there was no sign of her.

She decided to go look for her. She went to her apartment and knocked on the door.

The door opened but it wasn’t Sandra as she was expecting.

“Good morning” she greeted and stepped back a little.

“Good morning” he reciprocated.

“Uhm….. Is Sandra in?” She asked.

“Yeah, she’s just running a little bit late”

“Okay” she nodded.

Sandra ran out of the room to the living room. She noticed Frieda’s presence.

“Sorry I’m late” Sandra apologized.

“It’s okay”

Sandra arranged her books in her bag pack and soon they were on their way to school.

“So…. Why were you late?” Frieda asked. They were in the school’s bus.

“I slept in. Was awake till three watching movies”

“Oh… So… The guy at your place, who is he? I don’t mean to pry”

“It’s okay, he’s my brother”

“That’s cool”

They got to class. Since they were quite late, the class was already filled up.

They managed to get two seats at the front.

“It’s so noisy in here” Sandra complained.
“I can hardly focus on this article I’m reading”

“That’s because you don’t want to focus on what you’re reading. How does this noise affect you? You’re just a dummy” a girl from the back said loudly.

“Excuse me?” Sandra turned to her.

“Face your stuff dipshit”

The entire gasped, that is, except Frieda.

“Hey old lady” Frieda turned back and faced her.
“Why not mind your business?”

“Call me old lady again and I’m gonna do something stupid”

“Whatchu gonna do, old lady” Frieda smirked.

The girl stood up and so did Frieda.
“I don’t have time to waste on waste products like you”

“Look who’s talking, trash”

The girl clicked her tongue.
“Watch your tone ninny”

“You better start buying manners. It’s very affordable yunno. And the next time you try to pick on her, I’ll be forced to teach you some manners, bitch”

The class roared.
Frieda sat down and faced the class like nothing happened.

Sandra stared baffled at her.
“I’d sign you up for a diss battle at the open mic. It’s an extra activity”

“No, don’t do” Frieda laughed nervously. “I just wanted to put that whore in her place”

After lectures, they went to Elvis bukar to get lunch. Only Sandra ordered for food. Frieda only got a cold lemonade cause of the hot weather.

“I’m still shocked from what happened in class. You’re popular girl”

“Popular? Cause of that small talk? Nah” she sipped her drink.

“I’m serious. I overheard some students talking about you. You’re really fierce”

“Not that fierce though”

“Now about open mic, it starts at six. So get prepared to be blown away by songs, poems and of course the most interesting one, the diss and rap battles”

“I can’t wait, sounds really interesting”

While they were still talking and taking lunch, Philip approached them.

“Hey” he sat down beside Sandra and opposite Frieda.

“Hi” she said and went back to her drink.

“Hi” Sandra said and continued eating.

“So… I saw what happened in class. I must say that I’m really impressed” he stated.

“There’s nothing impressive there, it was just a minor something”

“I meant standing up for your friend. Not everyone can do that around here”

“Oh….okay” she bent her head and sipped her drink.

Talking to him felt awkward.
“I’ll leave you ladies for now, enjoy” he smiled and winked at Frieda before leaving.

Her heart skipped a beat.

“His hair is so cool”

“Okay fine, I noticed the hair today. It’s kinda cool. But did you notice he said he’ll leave us for now?” Frieda asked.

“Yeah…. So?”

“That means we should be expecting to see him for often”

“Oh that’s nice, I get to see the hair more often”

“Are you sure it’s just the hair?” Frieda inquired. “Or you have a crush on him”

“It’s just the hair I swear” she raised her hand in surrender.

They got to their apartment before two in order to get prepared for the evening.



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