June 14, 2021

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CRAZY FLATMATES (18+) … Episode 6

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Story By Rejoice (AUTHOR KELLY)


During lectures, Sandra wrote something on a piece of paper and passed it over to Frieda.

Frieda read the note
‘Nice hottie, three o’clock’

She looked at her right hand side and caught an eye looking at her but he quickly looked away.

She chuckled within, wrote something on the piece of paper and passed it on to Sandra.

‘So?’ Sandra read mentally.

She wrote back.
‘He was definetely staring’

Frieda read it but didn’t send a note back.

After the days class, they headed out for lunch.

“So what do you think?” Sandra asked.

They were having lunch.

“About what?” Frieda asked not having a clue of what Sandra was talking about.

“The hot guy of course, what else?” Sandra rolled her eyes.

“Oh…. That. Uhm….I don’t think anything” she shrugged.

“Really? I think he’s cute” Sandra beamed with smiles.

“Good for him”

After having lunch, they visited the game center.
Frieda was amazed by the number of games there.

She definitely wanted to try out all of them.

“So welcome to Woodbury’s game house. What do you think? Don’t tell me you don’t think anything”

“Okay, I think it’s really. I wanna have a taste of all those games, especially beach buggy racing”

“And that’s our first stop. Let’s go”

They walked over to the game stand.

Frieda looked marveled. The place was simply cool and amazing.

She started the game, of course with a coin.

“My favorite player is El Zipo and the player I don’t like mostly is Roxie. Damn that girl is too mean. I like disco jimmy a lot and his powers are very funny. Once he passes you, you’ll lose focus and start dancing. So hilarious… And Leilani, that girl is fire and her stupid flower are so….” Sandra kept on blabbing but Frieda payed no attention to what she was saying but rather focused on her game.

“Frieda” Sandra tapped her.


“Hottie’s coming” she said.

Frieda paused the game.
“What?” She asked. “Who’s hottie?”

“You act somehow sometimes” Sandra sighed and shook her head.

She directed Frieda’s eyes to the guy they saw in class.

“Oh…. That one. I’m going back to my game” she said and continued playing her game.

Sandra kept on stealing glances at the guy and noticed he was looking their way.

“He’s looking this way” Sandra whispered.


Frieda was definitely enjoying her game but interrupted by a masculine voice.

“Hi” he said.

She paused her game and looked at him.
“Hel….lo” Frieda slurred and looked at Sandra with a ‘why didn’t you tell me? ‘ look.

Sandra replied with a ‘I didn’t know’ look.

“So uhm…. How you doing?” He asked.

“I’m okay” she smiled.

“I saw you in class today, thought I should say hi”

“Oh… That’s really thoughtful of you”

He moved away from them a little.
“Yeah, so later. Splendid afternoon ladies” he waved and walked away.

“Wow…. He looks so handsome” Sandra said dreamily.

“You like him?” Frieda asked amidst soft laughter.

“Like him? Nah, I just love the hair cut” Sandra said and Frieda laughed.

“You’re not serious”

Sandra also played a game. They spent hours at the game house before going back home.

“Today was really fun” Frieda said.

“Yes it was, I can’t wait for tomorrow. The game house is the best place in this school, for me though”

“I can’t really say so for myself until I’ve seen everywhere”

“Yeah true, so take your time”

They bidded farewell to each other before going into their separate apartments.

Frieda met Jason in the kitchen. He was trying to make custard but it turned out to be an epic failure.

“What are you doing?” Frieda asked.

“What else? Don’t tell me you’re now blind”

“Oh well…..I’m just asking cause the way you’re doing it so stupid like you. Enjoy”
She laughed and walked away.

“Silly girl, mocking me because of a stupid plate of custard” he poured the spoilt custard inside the sink and rinsed it off.

I guess he didn’t pray before making the custard.

Frieda’s mouth sef😒😪 be finishing my Jason everytime

It’s short cause there’s no light😞


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