June 14, 2021

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CRAZY FLATMATES (18+) … Episode 4

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Story By Rejoice (AUTHOR KELLY)


Both their alarms rung at the same time and they simultaneously rose up.

Based on the agreement they had yesterday, the first person to wake up will use the bathroom inside the room while the other will use the one outside.

Everywhere was tranquil as they both looked at each other.

They both had the idea of stalling each other so that they’ll take the opportunity and run to the bathroom.

While staring at each other, Jason was moving silently, thinking he wasn’t noticed.

Frieda sat still monitoring his movement. Then she got up quickly from the bed.

Jason also got up but Frieda was way quicker.

“Ughh” Jason groaned.

“I didn’t choose that side of the bed for nothing” she smiled and walked inside after waving at him.

“Better keep on smiling for now cause tomorrow you won’t have that ugly smile plastered on your ugly face” he yelled.

“Whatever” she yelled back.

He used the opportunity to clean the whole place. It wasn’t that big so it didn’t take much time.

Just a kitchen, a small living room with a dining area, the bedroom and the front balcony.

He made breakfast for himself – actually just a cup of tea and two slices of bread.

Their mothers really did a great job buying some household supplies.

After having breakfast, he went to the room.

Frieda was already dressed up for school.

He calmly grabbed his towel and headed for the bathroom.

“Hey that’s not what we agreed” she stopped him on his tracks.

“It’s because I wasn’t ready to have my bath at that time” he walked in.

‘Idiot’ she scoffed and proceeded to the kitchen.

She had the same breakfast with him – although she had four slices of bread with strawberry jam.

When they were both done, they headed outside.

Jason removed a key from the initial key holder and gave it to Frieda.

After that, they went their separate ways – though in the same direction.

They boarded different cabs to school.

They both got admission into Woodbury university.

Jason got admitted into the Graphic design department while Frieda got into Game art and design faculty.

Frieda located her department through the map on her phone.

She got to a hall – a hall for all freshers in that department.

She went in and sat down.

She looked around the hall and noticed it was quite big and could contain hundreds of people.

She was a bit early so she decided to play games on her phone.

Jason got to his own easily because he’s been there before.

He went to the hall and sat down. None of his friends were there yet because he was bit too early.

Classes don’t start till nine. And there he was, eight o’clock.

‘I wonder what made me come out early’ he facepalm.

He decided to take a walk around, see if he could find anybody to talk to.

After lectures, Jason went back to the apartment with his girlfriend, Nina.

They’ve been together since high school. They both got admission in the same university but different departmets

“I’d love to meet her” Nina said after Jason told her all about Frieda.

“Trust me you don’t want that. She’s a really big and bad mouth” Jason scoffed.

“Don’t say that. I guess she just doesn’t like you” she sighed

“First time I’ve seen a girl resist the charms of Jason Mark” she giggled inwardly.

“Yeah, it’s a good thing. I can’t stay with her if she’s crushing or something. That’d be a disaster”

“Yeah it would”

“Do you want anything?”

“No, don’t bother about that” she layer her head on his laps and stretched her leg towards the end of the couch.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Positive” she nodded.


Immediately after lectures, Frieda packed her books and got ready to leave.

A girl with glasses approached her.

“Hi” the girl extended her hand for a shake.

Frieda hesitated before taking her hand.

“My name is Sandra, Sandra Sandalio” she said and her bag with both her hands.

She looked nervous.

“Ohhk…..” Frieda replied nodding.
“I’m Frieda, nice to meet you”

Sandra’s face lit up and she let out a smile. She was actually thinking Frieda would snub her or something.

“Nice meeting you too. I saw you this morning from my window that’s why I approached you. We’re neighbours” Sandra said.

“Oh… Sorry I didn’t notice you”

“It’s okay” she adjusted her glasses. “It’s fine. So are you heading home?”

“Not really, I wanna take a look around and then have lunch before going back”

“Okay cool. I know a great place to have lunch. Elvis Bukar, it’s really nice”

“Okay. You’ve been here?”

“A couple of times”

“Maybe you can show me around”

“Gladly, let’s go”

They both exited the hall.
“So…..I’ll show you the school’s dorm just in case you get invited by someone, the art gallery and the love garden” she said excitedly.

“Love garden?” Frieda asked.

“Yeah, come on, I’ll show you”

They got to the dorms. Sandra took her to one of her friend’s room.

“It’s really nice in here” Frieda complimented.

“Yup, three in a room. Very convenient”

Next, they visited the art gallery. There were lots of paintings but they were restricted to some part of the gallery.

“I heard we’ll all get a ticket by next week to visit it properly. For now, this is our limit”

They were standing at a long hall way with not so much paintings.

“I can’t wait”

“There’s a game center where we play different kinds of games”

“Really?” Frieda asked in awe. The word ‘game center’ made her very excited.

“Yup, we’ll visit it tomorrow. I promise you this, you will have a swell time. The school is actually great with lots of stuffs and activities. Like um…the weekend fashion show and there’s a little bit of music. Every sunday is open-mic at Elvis Bukar. All kinds of music are played. It’s really wonderful”

“I can’t wait. They all sound cool”

“Stick with me and you’ll have lots of fun” she grinned.

They had lunch at Elvis Bukar before going back home.

“Thanks so much Sandra, I had fun”

“It’s nothing” she said shyly.

“Thanks, bye”

They waved at each other before entering their various apartments.

Jason and Nina were discussing when Frieda entered and closed the door.

They both stopped talking. Nina stood up and walked to her.

“Hi, you must be Frieda”

“For you to know me, the jerk must have told you lots of stuffs about me” she placed her hand on her waist looking at Jason who was looking elsewhere.

“Well….he mentioned stuffs about you”

“Mostly bad stuffs. And you are?” She focused on Nina.


“Sister? Cousin? Friend?”

Nina looked at Jason before answering.
“Girlfriend actually”

“Oh…. He never mentioned you. You have a lot of nerves dating him. Anyways, you’re welcome. Nice to meet you and have a good time” She walked inside.

Nina sighed and sat down beside him.

“She doesn’t really like me…..or you”

“Don’t be bothered about that, she’s always like that” he placed his hand around her shoulder.

“I’ll see her before leaving”

“No don’t do that, you’ll regret it”

“I don’t mind. After she did say ‘nice to meet you’. It’s a sign that she likes me a little”

Frieda heard everything they said even though she wasn’t eavesdropping.

Awwwn…. Nina is so nice😍

Who else wants to know how Frieda will react when Nina goes back to her? 😋


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