June 19, 2021

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CRAZY FLATMATES (18+) … Episode 3

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Story By Rejoice (AUTHOR KELLY)


“What was that for?” She sat up looking all upset.

“I can see some of your knots are loosed. How can you tell me to postpone it just because of your useless phone”

“It worths more than you so….better respect it” she said sacarstically.

He looked stern.

“Fine, to the living room”

She took her phone from him and made way for the living room while he trailed behind her.

“Rule number one” he said as they sat down.
“No loitering”

“How old do you think I am? Five?” She scoffed.

“A five year old is way sensible than you are” he smirked.
“Number two, you’ll use the front bathroom while I’ll use the one inside the room”

“That’s not for you to decide mister”

“Uhm….hello? I’m the eldest here”

“FYI, we’re both entitled to use everything in this house. Seniority doesn’t count” she folded her hand and relaxed her back.

“Okay fine, the first person to wake up uses the bathroom inside while the other uses the one at the front”

“Now you’re thinking”

He rolled his eyes and continued.
“Number three”

Frieda interrupted.
“You’re not the only person to give out rules, I have a mouth too” she protested.

“If you can use it to say something sensible, then go on”

“I’d watch it if I were you. Number three, we will each take turns to clean the house. You’ll start from tomorrow”

“Uhm…. That’s not a problem. I think that’s all for now” he said.

She was about to stand up when his voice stopped her.
“About food”

“Yeah, what about it?” She asked.

“You’ll be doing the cooking”

Frieda bursted into laughter to the extent was wiping tears from her eyes.
“What’s so funny?”

“Me? Cook? For you? You’re so hilarious”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“You’ll have to cook yours, it would be an error to cook for you. It will look as if we’re friends or even worse”

“Gross… You know what? Never mind. Forget I said that”

“Already erased from my memory” she raised her hand in surrender.

She stood up and headed for the room.
‘Funny guy’ she chuckled.


“Man I’m telling you, she’s trouble” he said itching the back of his head.

Chris poured some drink into a glass and handed it over to him.

Jason took the glass and muttered a ‘thanks’.

Chris sat down beside him holding a glass of wine.

Jason gulped down the contents of the glass and asked for more.

“Don’t get frustrated cause of some girl” Chris said as he filled his cup.

“She’s not just some girl, she’s an irritating one with a mouth sharp as a blade” he said wiping his face with his hands.

“Well…. How did get stuck with her?”

“We’ve never liked each other right from childhood. Don’t ask why cause I don’t know. We just detest each other. Both our moms planned this, this outrageous stuff and it’s seriously making me go crazy”

“I see” Chris sipped his wine.

“Would have love to help you out here but I have two other roommates”

Jason sighed.
“I understand”

“Okay enough of this sad talk, you’ll probably feel more agitated if we keep talking about it”

“Yeah, you’re probably right”

They stayed tranquil for a while, drinking.

“She wants me to be ordering food” he huffed.

“She doesn’t know how to cook?” He asked with a mocking tone.

“I don’t know but I guess so. She’s just so useless”

“That’s really fucked up man”

“I gotta go” he stood up. “I’m sure she must have messed everywhere up by now”

“Okay then, bye”


The walk back to the apartment was less than fifteen minutes.

He met Frieda at the dining table having dinner. That was when he remembered he didn’t order anything.
He was about walking to the room.

“Yours is on the cupboard” she said.

She was eating and operating her phone at the same time.

“Are you always on your phone?” He asked.

“Not always” she replied not sparing him a glance.

“Good for you”

He walked to the kitchen and saw a plate of spaghetti and meat balls.

“I hope it tastes better than it looks”

He took a spoon, grabbed the plate of food and went to the dining table.

He sat down. After staring at the food for a while, he took in a spoon.

He was expecting to spit everything out but to his surprise, it didn’t happen.

He found himself chewing.
‘That’s a surprise. It’s not bad at all’ he thought.

“I know you were thinking I don’t know how to cook” she spoke.

“You proved me wrong then” he took in another spoon.

“Don’t choke”

“Course not. It was very sweet of you to cook and also keep for me”

“Don’t insult me”

After eating they retired to bed backing each other, that is, without exchanging words.

This one things ended well between them 😁
Issa good thing


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