June 14, 2021

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CRAZY FLATMATES (18+) … Episode 16

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Story by Rejoice (AUTHOR KELLY)


He walked slowly and nervously towards her.
“Sit” she said.

He pulled the chair beside the bed to himself and sat down.
“Listen Frieda, I’m really sorry about what happened earlier. I didn’t know” he said, rushing his words.
She looked at him without saying anything.
“Say something already, the silence is killing me” he whined.

She looked away and spoke .
” Fine, I’ve heard and it’s okay”

“Really, just okay? No cuss or….”

” Like you said, it wasn’t intentional so… I’ll just let it slip”

She tried sitting up. Jason quickly stood up and helped her.

He took his seat.
“So how are you feeling?” He asked.

“I’m okay, I guess” she shurgged.

“You…. guess?”

” Yeah, I’m not really sure”

” Ohhhkay” he slurred.

She breathed in and out.
” I’m hungry” she said as she felt her stomach growl.
“Okay, what do you want?”
“Chicken and waffles, spaghetti and meatballs and chicken soup”

He looked at her.
” What?” She asked.
” Nothing. Can you finish those things you just mentioned?”
“I could eat you now”

He stood up.
” I’m on it right away.” he turned to leave but stopped.

” Please be quick, I might die before you get here. Five minutes is okay”

” No it’s not missy. And don’t worry, you’ll be fine by the time I get here”
” Anything else?”

“Yeah…. Your laptop and that book I was reading and other fun stuffs”

” I understand the book and other stuffs but my laptop?”

” Yeah, I need to continue the movie I was watching”

” Ohh…. Okay”

He got to the door.

” Don’t forget my phone” she said loudly.

” Sure thing” he waved his hands in the air before leaving her ward. She laid down back on the bed.

Just as Jason was about exiting the hospital, he got a call from Nina.

He picked it up.

“Hey babe”
“Hey” her voice sounded weird to him.
” Are you okay? What’s up?” He asked, sounding worried.
” Nothing. I’m at your apartment but it’s locked. Where are you?” She inquired.
“I’m about leaving the hospital. I’ll be there shortly” he explained.
“The hospital? What are you doing there? Are you sick or something?”
” I’ll explain when I get there. Just give me ten minutes, okay?”
” Sure”

She hung up. He hailed a taxi and was now heading back to the apartment.

Nina, on the other hand, stood at the balcony waiting for him. She wanted so badly to talk him about something but she couldn’t just bring herself to. She felt it was wrong but considering the fact that he also did the same thing, she was gonna talk to him about it.

Jason got to his apartment five minutes after his conversation with Nina. He met her staring at the wall.

He reached for her shoulder since she didn’t seem to notice his presence.
She shuddered as he touched her.

“Hey” he cooed. “Are you sure you’re okay? Is anything bothering you?”

At that moment, guilt overshadowed her. But she did her best to hide her emotions.
“No, I’m okay. Just lost in thoughts” she let out a faux smile.
“Okay…” He brought out the keys and unlocked the door .
” But you’re gonna explain those thoughts to me when all this is over” he walked inside while Nina trailed behind him.
“All this? What’s that suppose to mean?” She asked, smartly changing the topic.
“Oh…. Frieda’s at the hospital. She passed out a while ago”

She gasped.
” Oh my God, what happened?”
” It’s kinda my fault though.”

He got everything Frieda requested for and placed them inside a bag.
“I dressed up as the grim reaper in order to take my revenge on her for the silly prank she played on me, but err… She passed out the moment I touched her. I didn’t know she was so scared of me, the grim reaper instead”

” Oh… I see. So you’re going back there?”

” Yeah, she actually requested for all these stuffs and as a good person I am, I’m gonna deliver it, since it’s kind of my fault she’s in that condition”

” That’s so nice of you”

” Now to get lunch. Let’s go”

They got to a restaurant, he got her order and soon, they were both standing in front of the hospital.
“I despise hospitals.” Nina blurted out.
“Yeah, the smell is annoying”

They got to the Frieda’s ward. They found her staring at the ceiling.
“What took you so long? I would have died” she sat up slowly.

” Oh hey Nina” she hailed when she noticed her presence.
“Hi dear” she waved.

“You’re fine Freida, and as you can see, you’re not dead” he placed the bag on the table beside the bed and started offloading it.

“I’m just saying I would have died”
“And I’m saying you’re fine”

She huffed and folded her hands.
” Now have your lunch” he pushed the table closer to her.
“I don’t wanna eat it anymore. I want hamburger and ice cream or better still, a cheese cake” she whined like a child.
” You’re gonna have this whether you like or not . My efforts won’t go in vain. Now have your lunch missy”
” And now, I’m telling you I don’t want it. I changed my mind. Now please get me ice cream”
“I’m gonna smack you on the head now.”

Nina giggled at how childish they were behaving.
‘Too bad they don’t get along. They’d be best of friends’ she thought.

“I should be leaving now.” She announced. They stopped arguing and turned to her.
” So soon? You just got here” Jason said.
“Yeah…. I have something to attend to. Just wanted to see how Frieda’s doing. And since she has the energy to argue with you, then I guess she’s fine” she explained.
” Oh… Okay. I’ll see you off then. And you….” He turned sharply to Frieda. ” Finish all of this by the time I get back.”

She frowned and narrowed her eyes at him.
“I feel like poking your eyes” she said.
“In your dreams. I’ll be back shortly.”

Jason and Nina walked out of the ward.
” She’s impossible” he started.
“She’s okay. You two need to get along sometimes you know”
” She wouldn’t want that”
” Of course she would, just try your best”
” Sure”

He hailed a taxi for her.
“Bye babe” he waved.

She avoided eye contact with him which was very new to Jason. Nina never had a problem looking him in the eye but now, she couldn’t even look at him. She was overwhelmed by guilt.

Nina didn’t go directly to the dorms. She found herself walking towards ‘his’ place.
‘I wonder if he’s home’ she thought.

She got to his door. She felt the urge to knock. She had already raised her hand but then, she restrained herself.
‘what am I even doing here?’ she thought. She smiled and turned to leave but the opened and he was standing at the entrance.

“Hi” he said nervously and made himself more visible.
“What are you doing here?”
“Urr…. Nothing really. I was about leaving, sorry” she was about leaving but he held her wrist.
” Don’t go.”

She looked at him. He quickly let go.
“I mean… Since you’re here, why not come in? I prepared lunch”
” Oh no, thank you”
” I insist. Please, don’t refuse”

She thought for some seconds.
“Okay” she smiled.

He let her in and closed the door.

What’s wrong with Nina? 😵


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