June 14, 2021

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CRAZY FLATMATES (18+) … Episode 15

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Story By Rejoice (AUTHOR KELLY)


Chris rushed out of his hiding place and ran to Jason who was trying his best to make Frieda get up.

“Dude, she’s not getting up” Jason panicked.
“It must be a prank or something” Chris shrugged.
“I’m serious Chris, she’s not waking up”
Chris had to bend down to check on her but she didn’t move.
“Okay this is really serious” he also panicked.

Famous knocked on the door.
“Frieda, what’s going on?” Sandra asked from ourisde.

“What do we do?” Jason asked.
“I don’t know dude, don’t ask me”
“Okay, let’s start by opening the door. Maybe they can help us” Jason suggested.
“Good thinking”

Chris rushed to the door and unlocked it.
“Hi and welcome. Do come in” Chris rushed his words.

Sandra sighted Frieda on the floor and rushed to her.
“What happened to her?” She asked no one in particular as she tried to wake Frieda up.
“And why are you in that weird costume?”

“Can you not ask me questions and think of a way out of this mess?” Jason pleaded.

“Let’s take her to the hospital” Famous suggested. “You three are so dumb”

They hired a cab that carried all of them to a nearby hospital.

“What kind of prank was that, young man?” His mother, Natalie, asked. She was obviously mad at him for pulling such a prank on Frieda.

“She started it. I just wanted her to have a taste of her own medicine” he shrugged.
“That’s was extreme” Anna said. “She’s always been scared of the grim reaper ever since she was a kid” she explained.

“Well, how was I suppose to know that?” He asked.
“Just pray she’s okay” His mother glared at him.

Jason bowed his head. He felt really sorry for what he did but it wasn’t his fault he didn’t know her fears.

“She’s awake” a nurse informed them.

Jason was about to stand up but his mom’s voice stopped him.
“Sit down there young man. You too Chris”

“Me? What did I do?” Chris asked innocently.
“Okay you can come but Jason stays”

Jason sat down back while Chris stood up together with Famous and Sandra.
“That’s not fair” Jason complained.

“It is totally fair. It’s all your fault” Chris said.
Jason glared at him for some seconds before looking away.

They all left, leaving Jason behind.
“Can’t believe they totally benched me” he grumbled and folded his hands.

Frieda layed still on the bed while the doctor attended to her.
When he was done, he left and the crew entered.
“Hey Frieda” Sandra called out first.
“Hey” she muttered inaudibly.
“How are you baby?” Anna asked.
“I’m fine”

“I’m sorry for Jason’s behavior” Natalie started. “I know he’s a jerk but please try to forgive him”

Frieda only nodded.
She chatted with everyone.

“Where’s Jason?” She asked to the surprise of everyone. No one was expecting her to ask after him.

“He’s….around” Chris replied itching the back of his head.
“I want to see him” she requested.
“You’ll do that later, not now” Natalie said.
After a while, both mothers left the hospital.

“So… You’re not going for the show” Sandra sighed. “I was really looking forward to the both of us going”

“I’ll have to wait till next week” she heaved.
“I’ll make sure to film some part”
“See you tomorrow then”

She and Famous left, leaving Chris alone with her.
“So…. You’re still mad at Jason?” Chris asked.
“Ohh…. It’s not entirely his fault though. He didn’t know”

She stared at the ceiling for some seconds.
“Can you call him over?” She asked.
“Sure. I’ll be on my way out now. Get well soon. Bye” he walked out of her ward. He turned right and saw Jason still sulking.

“She wants to see you” Chris informed.
“That’s new” he huffed.
“Get your silly ass up and get inside that ward”
“Yeah whatever” Jason stood up.
“Better apologize to her”
“After she apologizes to me”
“Screw you jerk”
“Piss off”

Chris nudged him.
“See you later dude” he said.
“Sure, bye”

Chris headed for the exit while Jason headed for Frieda’s ward. He breathed in and out heavily before opening the door.

He entered inside and closed the door behind him.
She looked at him with no expression written on her face to the extent he started feeling nervous.

“Come closer” she muttered.

Jason gulped.
‘What if she wants to knock me on the head?’ He thought as he moved closer to her.

Pray for Jason πŸ™ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚


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