June 19, 2021

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CRAZY FLATMATES (18+) … Episode 13

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Story By Rejoice (AUTHOR KELLY)


After getting her credit card, Frieda went to the grocery store to get the ingredients for chicken soup while Jason and Chris continued.

“This stuff is really smooth. I wonder how much she got it” Chris said.

“You wanna get one?” Jason asked.


After playing for a few minutes, they decided to drop it and go out.

Jason walked Chris to his apartment before going to the dorms to see Nina.

“Hey” she waved.

“So now we’re waving?” He frowned.

“I can’t hug you out here” she said. “Come on, let’s take a walk”

She beckoned on him and he followed her.

“So… How was your day?” She asked.


“Really? What made it sweet?”

“Frieda’s play station. The stuff is really cool. Though she warned me not to touch it, I still did”

“You never listen, do you?” She laughed and shook her head.
“Was she mad?”

“Not at all, she wasn’t mad. She knew I wouldn’t listen to her”

“That’s nice. I thought she was gonna chew you raw”

“Nah, and she’s behaving creepily nice these days. First was breakfast this morning and this afternoon, she let us use her play station”

“How’s that creepy?”

“She’s never nice to me”

“I think she’s changing. You should change too”

“I guess so but it’s creepy” he shrugged.

Philip got to the apartment after school only to meet Hudson and Violet having lunch and laughing their ass out.

“Must I always find you here? What do you want this time?” He asked.

“Chill man, she’s not here for you” Hudson replied.

“Last I checked, I wasn’t talking to you”

“Her business is my business, okay? Stop acting as if her world revolves around you”

“So what are the two of you now?” Je asked with a tint of mockery in his voice.

“We’re really good friends” he replied.
“So stop asking question when you see her here”

“Yeah whatever” he said stormed out.

“That guy is annoying” Hudson muttered.

“Don’t even pay attention to his words. Like you said, I’m not here for him so don’t let him ruin the fun”

“Yeah sure”

Frieda had finished preparing the soup and was now waiting for Jason.

She was having dinner.

‘This fool won’t get here quickly’ she mumbled grumpily.

Just then he walked in.


He approached her.

“Made dinner and chicken soup”

“Oh… Okay”

He looked at the covered plates in front of him. He sat down and opened them.

‘I’ll have dinner first’ he thought and started eating.

“You seem to be a pretty good cook” he complimented her.

“Yeah, learnt from my mom and also cooking classes”

“That’s cool. You’ll teach me someday”

“Sure thing, anytime you’re ready”
Then silence crept in.
“Hey can I make use of your laptop?” She pleaded.

“Uhm… Sure. It’s on the table”


She cleared the table, did the dishes and proceeded to the room.

After having dinner, he went for the soup.
“Looks really good” he smiled and took a spoonful.

But spit it out and quickly went for the bottle of water.

He drank it all and still seeked for more.


He drank several bottles but none made the hotness go away.

‘Frieda’ he growled and walked to the room.
“Hey what did you put in the soup that made it so hot?” He asked and then drank water.

Frieda laughed.
“You didn’t think I’d let you get away for using my PS without my permission”

“I should have known” he drank more water.
“Please just tell me what to take to make it stop” he pleaded.

“There’s milk in the fridge. Try that” she said and went back to the movie she was watching on his laptop.

He hurried to the kitchen to get the milk.

‘You won’t get away with this Frieda’ he thought as he drank the milk.

This girls is too unpredictable 😪


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