June 14, 2021

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CRAZY FLATMATES (18+) … Episode 11

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Story By Rejoice (AUTHOR KELLY)


“Your words can’t get to me, they’re useless” Emily defended.

“I love wasting useless words on useless people” Frieda smirked.

Emily only glared daggers at her.

“I see you came unprepared. So I’m gonna let you enjoy your evening. Good bye” she turned her attention back to the stage.

“I’m not done with you yet bitch” Emily said and left their table.

“What’s even wrong with that girl?” Sandra asked no one in particular.

“She’s some whore sent to disturb my already messed up life” Frieda sighed.

Famous couldn’t believe what just happened. He didn’t know Frieda was so bad mouthed.

“You sure put her in her place with your big mouth” Jason mocked.

“I can also put you in your place too” she said with a faux smile.

“I’d love to see you try” Jason said.

“Okay then, it’s on” She faced him properly.

“Obviously you can’t cause you just wasted all of them on that friend of yours”

“I can also waste it on you, it’s not so hard”

“Okay guys it’s alright, no diss battle here. Keep quiet Jason” Nina interfered.

“Come on Nina, you had to ruin everything” Hudson whined.

“Diss battles are part of the open mic activity and you two ain’t participating so no diss battles here” she finalized.

“Let the lady continue. Obviously your boyfriend likes running his mouth” Philip said.

“Pardon?” Nina faced him.

“You heard me. Allow the lady put him in his place”

She shook her head. “People like you always add kerosene to already hot fire”

“So what are you? Water?”

“At least I try to keep the peace”

“That makes you a peace keeper or what?”

“Yes, I am a peace keeper”

“We all know you’re pretending. You just don’t want your boyfriend to be dusted by a girl”

Philip was tryna cause a fight between the girls.

“And your point is?” She asked.

“Face her instead of your boyfriend. You’re a girl so it’s gonna be easy for you or are you scared you’re gonna be dusted?”

“Will you just shut that shit hole of a mouth?” Jason fired.

“And if I don’t?”

“That’s enough, you’re drawing unnecessary attention to us” Frieda said.
“I have enough words for all of you so better keep quiet and enjoy the evening unless you wanna go down the trash”

After all the activities, they started dispersing.

“You coming Freida?” Sandra asked her as she didn’t make any move to go home yet.

“Nah, I forgot my keys so I’m stuck the dickhead” she frowned.

“Dipshit” Jason fired back.

“Okay then, I’ll see you tomorrow”

Sandra waved before leaving with Famous.

Hudson and Philip also left after bidding farewell to their friends and acquaintances.

Jason and Frieda decided to walk Nina to the dorms before going home.

“So are you two gonna keep on arguing everywhere you go?” She asked.

“Uhm…. Yeah” Jason replied.

“I don’t have time for people like him so no… Unless he brings the fight to me?” Frieda replied.

“Pardon? People like me? What’s that suppose to mean?” Jason asked upset.

“People that are stupid, foolish, arrogant, selfish….”

Nina just sighed and watched them argue. She really wanted them to become friends.

They got to the dorms.
“So…I’m home. You guys should stop arguing and become friends, for me, okay?”

“Impossible request baby. That’s not happening” Jason said.
She kissed him.

“Stop saying that. It’s very possible”
She looked at Frieda.
“Goodnight Frieda and please, try not to fry him on your way back”

“I’ll try not to. Goodnight”

She went inside the dorm.

“You’re lucky yunno” Frieda said as their mad their way out of campus.

“Lucky? And wait, why do you sound calm? It freaks me out” Jason said.

“You’re so stupid you know that” she groaned.
“What I’m saying is that you’re lucky to have Nina”

“And why is that?”

“Just know that. Don’t ask me questions”

“She’s lucky to have me too” he bragged.

“You don’t deserve her” Frieda stated.

“Huh?” He asked looking confused.
“You’re acting way too creepy this night” he said

“Just don’t talk to me” she sighed and walked faster.

They got to the apartment minutes later.

After having their separate baths and separate meals, they retired to bed.

Frieda continued reading the book while Jason wanted to sleep.

“Hey don’t sleep yet” she said.

“Why?” He mumbled.

“You’re suppose to turn the light off after I finish reading”

“Motherfucker” he groaned and went to sleep.

“Asshole” she laughed.

Frieda was really born to disturb Jason πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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