June 19, 2021

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CRAZY FLATMATES (18+) … Episode 10

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Story By Rejoice (AUTHOR KELLY)


“Sandra will get the drinks” Frieda said.

Both boys were disappointed. One could tell from their facial expressions.

“Me? I don’t have any cash on me” she said.

“I’ll pay for the both of you while Philip can get his own” Famous said.

“Yunno what? Let’s just share the bill” Philip suggested.

“Yes, that’ll do” Sandra said. She collect money from both guys and then walked over to the bar.

Meanwhile Jason, Chris, Nina and Hudson walked inside the bar.

“Awwn, they’ve already started. This is all your fault Hudson” Nina whined.

“What? I had to walk Violet to her dorms. She insisted” he defended.

“Let’s just sit down somewhere” Jason suggested.

While looking around, his eyes caught Frieda and the two guys.

“I found a spot” he said. He took Nina’s hand and walked towards them.

Hudson and Chris trailed behind them.

“Oh hey people” Jason hailed. “Frieda” he smirked.


They glared at each other.

“Oh… Tension” Hudson whispered to Chris.

“Shut up” Chris pushed his face away.

“Wow, the gang’s here” Sandra said as she approached the table with four drinks.
“Get down already”

“Uhm… We’re four and it’s remaining three seats” Hudson said.

“Two actually, one is already occupied” Famous said.

Jason sat down on a seat while Nina sat on his lap.
“We’re settled” Nina said.

“Eww, I have to lap Hudson? No, I’ll pass. I prefer standing” Chris said.

“Don’t worry about that” Frieda said and stood up.
“I’ll carry Sandra”

“Sure?” Hudson asked.


Hudson and Chris sat down while Frieda sat on Sandra’s seat which was beside Jason’s seat.

Sandra sat down Frieda’s lap.
“I imagined you lighter” Frieda whispered to her.

“I don’t have much weight” Sandra whispered back.

Famous noticed their behavior.
“Uhm… Sandra, you can sit on mine”

Sandra looked at her brother.

“Don’t make this weird kiddo, just get down”

She stood up and sat on his lap.

“Are you this heavy?” He complained.

“Heavy? No I’m okay thank you” She scoffed.

“So…. There are many connections here” Philip started. “I’ll start, Hudson is my cousin and room mate, Famous is….someone I know”

“These two ladies…. ” he pointed at Frieda and Sandra “… are acquaintances. I nominate Famous” he rested his back after speaking.

“Sandra is my sister and Frieda is someone I happen to have met formally today. Philip is someone I know. Sandra” Famous spoke.

“Famous is my brother, Philip is an acquaintance, Frieda is my friend. Frieda” Sandra spoke and turned to her.

“Uhm… Sandra is my friend, Philip is an acquaintance, Famous… Someone I met today and Jason….. sadly he’s my roommate. Nina” she said and nominated.

“Jason is my boyfriend, Chris and Hudson are really good friends. Frieda is a friend… I guess, right?” she laughed nervously.

“Yeah, we’re friends” Frieda said.

“Okay, so…. Hudson” Nina nominated.

“I’m Hudson, a really dazzling person with a really dazzling personality. Nice meeting you all. So… Philip is my cousin, Chris, Nina and Jason are my friends. Chris” he said and nominated.

“You’ve said it all idiot, I know only four of you and you’re all my friends” he said.

“He’s really mean” Hudson whispered to Frieda was sitting beside him.

She giggled.

“Jason” Chris nominated.

He cleared his throat before commencing.
“Nina here is my girl, Chris and Hudson are my friends. And Frieda is unfortunately my roommate”

They all faced the activity of the night.

Someone sang Evergreen by Ed Sheeran.

That was Nina’s favourite song. She sang along.

“Oh hey bitch” a voice interrupted.

Sandra looked at the person and it was the person from class earlier that day.

She tapped Frieda whose focus was on the stage.

“What?” Frieda inquired.

She noticed the girl’s presence.

“You again” Frieda said sacarstically.

“Yeah its me. I came to finish what I started” she said.

“Before you continue, what’s your name?” Frieda inquired.

“It’s Emily but you can call me Angel” she pushed her backwards.

“Gorgeous hair” Frieda said. She placed her elbows on the table and rested her chin on her palm.

“I know, right?” She waved the hair again.

“Oh… Not that one. I was referring to one inside your nose” she smirked.

Emily scrunched her face.

“Now there’s the look of failure” she grinned while Emily glared at her.

Frieda 😭😭 somebody hold her before they will beat her up


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