June 14, 2021

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CRAZY FLATMATES (18+) … Episode 1

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😝Crazy Flatmates💑

When the over-excitement of two ladies brings two teenagers who are disgusted by each other’s behaviors to live together under one roof and share the same bed, then lots of troubles arise.


Story By Rejoice (AUTHOR KELLY)


The two teenagers sat down beside each other facing their moms. Though they were sitting on the same couch, they maintained social distancing.

“So…. If I get all you just said” Frieda started.
“I’ll be staying with this knucklehead in this one bed room flat” she scoffed. Obviously everything seemed stupid to her.

“Who’re you calling a knucklehead, you ninny” he eyed her.

“There’s only one person beside me so… It’s you” she smirked.

“So…. Mom, you expect me to put up with this?” He addressed her like she was some piece of trash.

“I prefer a dorm with ten people than this being here” she fired.

“I prefer a garbage truck”

“The sewers”

Anna and Natalie just sat looking at their children.
They kinda enjoyed them teasing each other because that’s how they found the love of their lives.

Their believe was that the stronger the hate, the stronger the love that will occur between them.

“Mom” Jason called the attention of his mom again.

“Listen Jason” Natalie began. “It’s not a bad idea for the both of you to stay together. We just want you guys to be really good friends” she said with a concerned tone.

“And you think making us staying together would make us friends?” Frieda asked.

“Well…. Yes, people who stay together always end up becoming friends” Anna said.

Frieda folded her hands and looked at the ceiling.

‘This is my worse nightmare’ she thought.

“You guys should try and get along for once, it’s gonna make us happy” Anna said.

“I’m sorry mothers, you’re gonna remain sad for a really long time” Jason said with a little tint of sacarsm.

“Just try, okay?”

After a very long discussion, the women finally left.

Frieda let out a sigh of relief.
“Finally” she breathed out.

Jason stood up holding his palms together.
“So now Frieda, I’m the head of the house now and you have to live by my rules or you get thrown out”

“You?” She said with mockery clearly written written in her voice. “Who put you in charge?”

“I did, your vote doesn’t count”

“Even if I were to be paid a billion dollars, I wouldn’t still vote for you” she unfolded her hands.

“Right now, I need to stay far away from you” she began walking out.

“Hey don’t you dare walk out on me” he trailed behind her.

She stopped and faced him.
“You’re a pest, yunno that right?”

“Yeah I know, now listen to what I have to say. We need to set rules in order to keep peace and orderliness in this house”

She looked at him for a while.
“Fine we’ll set the rules, by five in the evening” she turned to leave.

“Now” he stated.

“Don’t go around calling yourself a boss when you’re not. You asked for a meeting in order to set rules, I agreed. Now I gave you the time, you have to agree. It’s a one-one something”

So saying, she went inside the room.

Jason went back to the living room and plonked on the couch.

“This is bad, really bad” he continued repeating the word ‘bad’.

“This is a disaster”

He was about going out the door when he heard a scream from the bedroom.
He sluggishly walked to the room only to meet Frieda still screaming.

“Hey stop that or else you’ll bring down the building” he cautioned.
“What is it? Did you see a cockroach?”

“A cockroach would have been better” she said.
“Will be sharing a bed?”

“Oh…. About that, you’ll be sleeping on the couch” he folded his hands.

She looked at him as if he was insane.
“The couch? You’re mad. There is nowhere I’m sleeping on a couch. I’m calling mom right now” she ruffled her hair.
“Where’s my phone?” She went out in search of it.

Jason laughed.
“Look at a pot calling a kettle black. An insane person calling another mad. She just scattered her hair and walked out. Now who’s mad?” He shook his head and sat down.

Brought to you by Rejoice 😁

😂😂 Jason and Frieda
These are the two people who were suppose to fall in love😂


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